Bad Week for Scientology

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A bad week for Scientology is a great week for the rest of us!  The worst-of-the-worst in misusing faith, the Scientologists hold a special place in my heart that was previously a toss up between Mormons and crazy Pentecostal snake handlers.  Check these three recent post by Tony Ortega, the recognized expert on Scientology scams.

The Underground Bunker

1) Scientology spies busted filming a private get together.  Creepy much?  FFS.

2) I’m going directly to Sears and spend some money first chance I get based on this!

3) HBO and BBC in race to present Scientology expose videos!




Birthday Shopping at Goodwill

I spoiled myself yesterday by taking a birthday (57) visit to the local Goodwill store in search of cheap ties to bolster my minimalist wardrobe, as well as a small glass goblet to hold my spare change and a nice ceramic to act as an “ashtray” for my Blu E-cigarettes.  Just a little something to brighten up my ‘home office’.  Two ties and the items shown below?  Five and a half bucks total, (there’s not even any tax because it’s a non-profit purchase!).

Spare Change

You have to catch me in person to see the ties I got for two bucks apiece and even then you won’t be able to tell if they are the Goodwill ties or the expensive ones I got at the Crossroads Mall.  Only my Goodwill checkout girl knows for sure.

Courteous and engaging staff pointed out Xmas sale items!

Courteous and engaging staff pointed out Xmas sale items!

While I was wandering about the aisles of Goodwill, I couldn’t help but notice all manner of inexpensive and interesting gift possibilities.  With the exception of the framed picture of the Indian and Horse and the girl’s bicycle, I don’t think there’s anything in this photoset over five bucks and most are under three bucks!  Slideshow after the jump.

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The Future of America

Thanks to all the parents for letting me get these photos of their cherubic progeny while I was wandering the aisles of various Fort Dodge merchants today doing my usual window shopping while my sister stocked up on holiday food for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast!  I turned 57 half an hour ago, and if I don’t get a single present this year it’ll be fine by me because the joy I captured in the faces of these kids is worth more than all the presents in the world.

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Business Cards Ordered

It’s official.  I am now a “professional” photojournalist!  This does not mean I’m giving up any of my other professional titles, just that I’m adding yet another to the vast array of skill-sets developed over a lifetime of experience, education, trial, and error!  It’s been a long time in the making! I’ve been an amateur photojournalist since before the word “Blogger” was coined and based on my success in that forum, I’ve decided to go ‘all in’ on making a success of myself in this career field.  Much more after the jump.

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Another Day at the Office

Crystalline SunriseMy first glance out the window yesterday morning was a little hazy, but as I cracked the door to let Bandit outside to do his morning business, I noticed a tree trimming crew stalking the neighborhood. Eager to get a chance to flex my photojournalistic videography skills, I donned a jacket, grabbed my video gear and bounced out of the house just a couple steps behind my hairy four legged beast.  The tree trimming crew only rolls through the neighborhood once every three years in order to keep the local forest from disabling the power lines, yet Providence saw fit for me to be in the right place at the right time yesterday morning!  Just another example of the special blessings which continue to fall into my path even as the pains of life nips at my heels. Photo montage and video after the jump.

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