Peter McWilliams

To clear up the confusion often resulting from my iinclusion of the salutation “Enjoy” to the end of all my internet content I offer the following explanation:

I started ending all my correspondence, blog posts and comments with “Enjoy” as a tribute to Peter McWilliams, after he died in 2000, because no matter how bad things got for him, he regularly did likewise.  Peter was already diagnosed with AIDs when I contacted him to discuss the finer points of his seminal work on the absurdity of consensual crimes in a free state.  We chatted and emailed several times and I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of his time and attention for political and intellectual reflections.

Peter McWilliams, on being diagnosed with AIDS:

“In March 1996, I opened the door to death and stared the Grim Reaper in the face. There was a pause. Then he suddenly smiled and said, ‘Enjoy yourself! It’s later than you think.’”
– Peter McWilliams, from his essay Joy is Good.

Peter was the first of what I have learned is a continuing trend to prosecute medical marijuana activists right to their ultimate demise. An abusive misuse of prosecutorial intimidation that continues today right in the shadow of several states that have fully legalized marijuana with great success. The end of his last letter requesting public support for leniency in his sentencing hearings:

If you cannot post the entire message of this missive, the online address of this request is http://www.petertrial.com/letters.htm**.
Thank you from the bottom of my weary but very grateful heart.
Peter McWilliams

**URL and email long ago abandoned to the blogsphere, but I am happy to report that a fine young lady has picked up Peter’s content and it is available for those wishing to explore Peter’s positive outlook on life as well as his patriotic sacrifice in support of human rights.

The answer to the question of why Peter was such a threat to the status quo that the state decided to go out of its way to add to the suffering of a man headed for death’s door (AID’s treatments were primitive by today’s standards and death was inevitable)) adds a special touch of homophobic barbarity to the mix.

I am not going to stop using “Enjoy” at the end of my web content until medical marijuana is available to every sick person who needs it in the United States.

A new generation of Americans has discovered the life and works of Peter and continues to promote his legacy:

Julia handles the heavy lifting involved in keeping Peter’s memory alive on Facebook as well as attending many rallies in support of Peter’s many issues. Click photo to visit her Facebook page and support her work (buy a Peter Mcwilliams tribute T-shirt you cheap bastards!!).


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