Nothing Personal Against Chris…..

One is left to wonder what a personal attack on a college student would look like if assistant Michigan attorney general Andrew Shirvill, calling a college student (Chris Armstrong) a racist elitist liar and Satan’s representative on the student council isn’t defined as such!

Mr. Shirvill exhibits a level of disdain towards gay citizens not seen since shortly before the outing of Ted Haggard. Mr. Shirvill has picketed and videotaped Mr. Armstrong’s home. He has extended his slurs to include Chris’ parents and friends! Andrew Shirvill seems to be operating under the assumption that what he is doing on his “personal time” is of no consequence to his employment. It’s my opinion, that his hiding behind a shield of civil service protectionism will not work.

This looks like the proverbial ‘slam dunk’ in terms of Mr. Armstrong’s ability to obtain a large financial court settlement should he seek civil relief against this deranged harassment.


2 thoughts on “Nothing Personal Against Chris…..

  1. Mr Sharvill openly stalked Mr Armstrong for a long time. Then it got into the news and Sharvill was persuaded to take a ‘voluntary leave of absence’.

    Not fired, not reprimanded, not offered the psychiatric help he obviously needs, not charged with any crime – he just happened to go away for a while, like Michael Steele.

    How long before this Sharvill creep is back, offering a half-apology and getting a promotion?

    • Nothing short of a heartfelt apology to Chris is required before I’d consider him anywhere near ‘stable’. Shirvell is small potatoes though. He represents a vast number of Christianist judicial appointees. Does anybody know who/how he got hired in the first place?

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