Stuff I Learnt – Duck Dynasty

“Stuff I Learnt” is a new series premiering today.  It will focus on an eclectic mix of things I have learned since leaving Mississippi five odd years ago.

Hates Ducks and Dudes Who Like Dick

Duck Dynasty Misses The MarkGuy with the longest beard has the smallest penis

The A&E cable show known as Duck Dynasty had about eight million viewers at the time one of the errant fugly duckers went into full out Jeebus-lovin’ homo-hater mode in a GQ magazine interview.

After that article went viral, it was “Heathens vrs. Holy Men” time (aka America vrs Fox News) all over the TV and internet. The Holy Men assured us that the show would be more popular than ever. I clearly remember the harmonic bleating of the usual cast of knuckle dragging religionists fully agreeing with the Fox News analysis. We were advised by those motley fools that the homosexuals would be better served trying to un-homosexualize themselves than taking on a manly dude who seeks gratification slaughtering ducks. Psychiatric sessions were suggested (for gays, but not compulsive duck murderers), no offense intended…of course.

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Nothing Personal Against Chris…..

One is left to wonder what a personal attack on a college student would look like if assistant Michigan attorney general Andrew Shirvill, calling a college student (Chris Armstrong) a racist elitist liar and Satan’s representative on the student council isn’t defined as such!

Mr. Shirvill exhibits a level of disdain towards gay citizens not seen since shortly before the outing of Ted Haggard. Mr. Shirvill has picketed and videotaped Mr. Armstrong’s home. He has extended his slurs to include Chris’ parents and friends! Andrew Shirvill seems to be operating under the assumption that what he is doing on his “personal time” is of no consequence to his employment. It’s my opinion, that his hiding behind a shield of civil service protectionism will not work.

This looks like the proverbial ‘slam dunk’ in terms of Mr. Armstrong’s ability to obtain a large financial court settlement should he seek civil relief against this deranged harassment.