Yosemite Junction

One Button Upgrade

Pygmy Tree SlothThere are aging and arthritic tree sloths with quicker reflexes than the memory/processor/hard-drive combo in my MacMini!

In under a minute I will be starting the ugrade process for my MacMini, to move it into Yosemite Valley OSX.  I am nearly completed with the backing up of what is going to get backed up. I am a bit nervous since my barely tolerable MacMini is crippled by whatever minimum RAM memory configuration it came loaded with.  Curiously, I have not “user-servicable” upgraded it.  It also has a mechanical hardrive that probably came out of the Apollo era.  Live-bogging the upgrade after the jump.

I have a late model iTouch locked down to something like iOS6, long ago abandoned on the internet upgrade highway that loads programs faster than my “newer” MacMini.  I get so disgusted with it because I was spoiled by my MUCH faster (and older!) iMac. It bit the dust about the time my wife surprised me with this MacMini replacement.  She has since surprised me with two iPad minis, one of which is currently engaged in the process of creating this posting.  Sadly, her recent demise surprised no one.  Refresh as necessary.

The fate of my MacMini is now in the hands of Apple.  It’s one gig into a five gig dowload and showing a good two hours remaining in that process.  Not sure if that includes a calculation for the unpacking and rearranging of all the bits and bytes.  That puts the download finishing at about 5:30 a.m. here in greater Westphalia.  A good hour or more on, 4:17 a.m. and I think if I sqint hard enough it looks about half the blue bar has crrrept across the screen.  Something less than an hour showing.  So far, so good.

One More Snake

Five fifteen in the morning and I have the five gig download done and install is moments away.  It is telling me to restart.  Complying.  Another bar crawls across the screen under the Apple logo.  Is that a worm?  FFS, now I’ve got a 22 minute ‘Installing on “Macintosh HD”‘ and another snake sidewalk with no snake to be seen and a static image reading 22 minutes burning in to my LED monitor.  Hold on, the snake is peeking his blue head out now but the clock still reads 22 minutes remaining.  Is that people time or snake time?  It’s relative.

I am still working out the math on the time-space shifting of this install, but it looks like the tag line for Yosemite “Every bit as powerful as it looks” must have already taken hold of my Mac Mini.  It is moving so close to the speed of light during this install that time has been slowed to a near standstill.  That’s a good sign, right?

Three minutes off the original 22 in the last half hour??   This is exciting, in a “my machine isn’t totally f@ucked” yet fashion.  Close to 6:00 a.m.  16 minutes remaining in “About-Time”.

One Digit Midget

Nine minutes remaining.  Blue snake stretching.  Final restart in progress?  6:21 a.,m.  Sunrise at eight. Another snake and another eight odd minutes, three of which remain.  Gliding to a soft landing?  Screen Black.  Swirling color mouse spinner doing what it does when it is thinkng about what to do next.  Coffee time.  6:34.  Pointer visible.  Back to spinning.


Yosemite Threshhold

That looks like a wrap.  6:47 a.m.  What wonders await me in the “morning”?  Cuddling with Bandit til sunrise.  Sunrise for me came at noon today.  I am wandering about in Yosemite Valley now, upgrading this post via MacMini instead of iPad mini.

Making it Official

I’m shacking up in Yosemite Valley (in OSX county) with my darling upgraded MacMini. After our LONG torrid night together I want to marry her and make an honest microprocessor out of her. That way I can get everybody to send us a proper wedding gift. Note to self: Upgrade Amazon bridal gift registry. She’s a sucker for a fat RAM install. Probably let me do all kinds of kinky stuff to her once I plugged that in! I’ll be all up in her user-servicable fiddly parts on that one. I can already feel a tingle in my aging and dangling nether regions at the thought of popping her bottom cover. Some of you are no doubt, recoiling in microprocessor-averse disgust over my proposition, not unlike those knuckle dragging God slobberers with their slander against my homosexual buddies when they called for equal marital treatment under the law.

Social Justice For Apple Lovers and Their Roomba Kin

Social Justice For Apple Lovers and Their Roomba Kin

Add stainless steel to the Pride Flag Beeyothes! Here comes the bride!


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