Five Posts to Write Right Now

1. I found Colorado Springs quite enchanting when I was there. I would like to return. 2. My Micronic transistor radio. 3. Saccharine sweetened Kool Aid. 4. An Engineer 5. Dying before I lost my virginity. Enjoy.

The Daily Post

I recently hit a milestone age that invites gifts of black balloons and gravestone-shaped birthday candles. As I get older, I tend to spend more time wearing a path down memory lane. While it’s easy to get mired in the past, I try to use memories in a constructive way…to inform and inspire my writing today.

Today’s Five Posts to Write Right Now are all nostalgia-based.

1. The place where you felt happiest or safest.

As a teenager, I loved riding in my friend Jack’s Toyota Corolla station wagon. We’d belt out songs from the Evita soundtrack on our way to a New Hampshire, summer-stock production of Man of La Mancha. Would you believe I wasn’t popular in high school? I remember the front seat of that car, with its cassette deck and broken glove box, in vivid detail.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any…

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