My Apologies

In lieu of the challenges presented over the last couple years, the list of which is both long and arduous in the retelling, I haven’t posted here much lately.

My more “distant past” is still contained on WordPress, heavily hyperlinked herein, with the last couple years of my bouncing around the country like a midget on a Dutch hooker more likely to be found on my Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Yelp feeds.  It was much too tedious to try and support this platform on the portable devices I have been forced to rely on in that interim.

Bottom Line

I have been extremely negligent in relation to the amount of content shared here.  More out of necessity than desire, I had been forced to shift much of my (purportedly) maniacal musings to more immediate, yet entirely more ephemeral platforms however, I am back.

I cannot promise to refrain from my pattern of dropping random diddlings on my other social media platforms but I do promise to be more active here on WordPress now that the dust in my life has settled a bit and I’ve regained the modicum of stability, technology and bandwidth to pull it off.



Updating Social Connections

FWIW, I have been making a concerted effort to get all my social media accounts set up and linked together more tightly than Mitt Romney clutching a fistful of dollars.  You may see my rather broad and eclectic smattering of social media content by visiting The Social link on my blog here.

I recently added LinkedIn, Instagram (couple days before Facebook bought, GetGlue, Pinterest, PeerIndex and also MopedArmy, a particularly attractive website for a guy in Europe with a moped and time to ride.  Expect to add FourSquare at some point in the near future.

I stayed away from Twitter for a long time.  Highly recommend it as a resource for breaking news as well as those interested in following the minutia of particularly notable individuals as well as your favorite celebrities, hobbies and any other special interests.


All The Lonely E-Cats

I watched an episode of Gold Rush Alaska where they repaired the huge broken main gear on a Caterpillar excavator in a little over a day.

I’ve witnessed incredible feats of mechanical maintenance watching Bobby’s crew tearing up trees on Swamp Loggers.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ until you watch that crazy bastard of an
airplane mechanic on Ice Pilots literally rebuild the engine on some WW2 era cargo plane in the middle of a blizzard over a weekend.

Meanwhile, a broken and lonely E-cat sits for months awaiting gasket repairs while the world continues waiting on the transformational technology of a lifetime.

Makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.