Shot Heard Round the World

This is the story of Marissa Alexander, a 31 year old mother of three children, who successfully repulsed the attack of Rico Gray.

The details of the case I am about to present here are prima facie evidence of the inconsistency in the application of laws in the US.  Thanks to Digby for the heads up to this article on

A guy with a documented history of violence towards women gets shot at by a female he was about to assault, causing him to flee. and quite likely saving her from attack by the monster.

Here is what Mr. Gray said would have happened had Marissa not had the gun:

“If his sons hadn’t been in the house, Gray said, “I probably would have tried to take the gun from her,” and “I probably would have put my hand on her.

More on the “character” of Mr. his own words:

“I got five baby mammas, and I put my hands on every last one of them except for one,” Rico Gray confessed during a November 2010 deposition. “The way I was with women…they had to walk on eggshells around me.” He recalled punching women in the face, shoving them, choking them, and tossing them out the door.

And then there’s this:

Gray has been arrested twice for domestic battery, including an assault that sent Alexander to the hospital. In September 2009 Alexander obtained a protective order against Gray that was still in effect on August 1, 2010, when he flew into a jealous rage after discovering, while poking through her cellphone, that she had sent pictures of their newborn daughter to her first husband.

Pretty clear case of self defense.  So it boggles the mind that this is where it all ended up:

On March 16, after deliberating for 12 minutes, a jury convicted Alexander on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Although she injured no one, she faces a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence unless she can win a new trial.

Of course this all happened in FLORIDA.   I guess the Stand Your Ground laws only work in Florida if you are out stalking innocent Black kids walking home from the 7-11?  Probably a lot like the torture “laws” in the USA.  Torture is only illegal in the US now if the people doing the torturing aren’t in political favor at the moment.