Scores of rich westerners are going to have to delay their plans to climb Mount Everest until all the bodies of the dead poor people who actually live there can be removed.  Life can be so unfair.


The nation looks for a way to reduce over-policing and reduce the levels of angst in minority neighborhoods.  The utility of legalizing and taxing weed is not to be mentioned in context with these events.


When we’re not decrying the amount of black violence in our cities we’re busy extolling the virtues of minority males beating the crap out of each other for huge piles of money in the ring or on the field.


The cops in Los Angeles Baltimore are bringing civility back to law enforcement by gunning down homeless killing Black people  on the street already in custody with cameras rolling. on their way to the police station.


Twitter stock tanks 20%. Most Americans are still pondering; “What the hell is a Twitter?” Related? #techbubble


Just when you think the Republicans can’t get any more ignorant than the previous week along comes an rising star imbecile comparing union workers to ISIS. claiming Obama is bringing on “the Rapture”.   It boggles the mind. #creationscience


The Clueless Rubes Club

Mainstream media are all searching for deeper meanings the shallow waters of Facebook’s bungled IPO.

It probably needs to be pointed out by somebody that at the end of the day, all this really proves is that the so called masters of economic intellect can’t handle what ought to be a pretty rote task at this point in finance. We know they can’t handle the monster of mathematical derivatives they have unleashed. Now we know they aren’t even competent to handle a routine stock rollout.

Time for a new round of generous pre election bonuses. Too big to fail. Too big to jail.