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Loveletter to my iPhone

I am back on Epinions, the social media solution to Consumer Reports .  Hadn’t posted there in quite awhile.  That situation is now rectified with some vigor.  Here’s a taste of my iPhone4 review:

The overall operating system is so finely integrated and refined that is the envy of the industry.  The fit and finish brings a tear to the eye of a fine Swiss watchmaker.


FWIW, I have gotten by fine (knock on wood) with a simple edge bumper protector, though I do tend to treat my iPhone with the tender compassion one might normally see displayed towards a favored deity.

Full 742 word review here.  List of my other Epinions reviews here.


Updating Social Connections

FWIW, I have been making a concerted effort to get all my social media accounts set up and linked together more tightly than Mitt Romney clutching a fistful of dollars.  You may see my rather broad and eclectic smattering of social media content by visiting The Social link on my blog here.

I recently added LinkedIn, Instagram (couple days before Facebook bought, GetGlue, Pinterest, PeerIndex and also MopedArmy, a particularly attractive website for a guy in Europe with a moped and time to ride.  Expect to add FourSquare at some point in the near future.

I stayed away from Twitter for a long time.  Highly recommend it as a resource for breaking news as well as those interested in following the minutia of particularly notable individuals as well as your favorite celebrities, hobbies and any other special interests.