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I’ve been playing with hashtags since at least 2012, when I first blogged about the subject and shared some of my favorite personal hashtags.  I don’t think Twitter nvented the hashtag, but starting in 2009, they certainly fostered the trend.  In any case, both the inventor and the popularizers have my thanks and praise.

Hashtags are really coming into their own with journalists and social justice warriors worldwide.  They’re helpful as advertising hooks to publicize and comment on specific events, both non-profit and commercial.  There’s even a new word that’s been invented. “Hashtivism” is the noun that describes people who use hashtags in promoting their favored causes online, an activity that is now referred to as hacktivism.  Here’s a bit of my tongue-in-cheek hacktivism:

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Beck and Social Justice

Social justice is dog whistle code for WELFARE in the wingnutosphere.  You know who they think gets all the welfare?  The Black people.  Wingnutospherians hate Black people.  But what about Mormons?

The Mormons have a VERY recent history of being averse to Black folks. The social structures instituted by the Mormons (and cited in this blog) were set up to serve OTHER Mormons.

The Mormon Church was only recently forced, through the microscope of bad public relations, to soften their stance against Black people.

It was part of their CORE FOUNDING BELIEF that black people were inferior. It is my understanding that the recent movement toward race normalization within their church began somewhere in the 1970’s. Beck would have seen this “black infiltration” first hand, in his youth. It obviously scarred him in ways we are all witnessing today.

There’s no need to imagine how Mormons react when top church authority tries to tamper with original Mormon doctrine. Just look at polygamy as an example. It’s been officially outlawed for something like 100 years. Somehow it’s still prolific (and scandalous) enough to attract prime-time drama treatment.

With that in mind, the ‘social justice’ that Beck is upset about may just be that which is being implemented in his own faith. Like the “fundamentalist” Mormon polygamists of our era, Beck is merely positioning himself as a “fundamentalist” Mormon racist.

FWIW, if he was brought up to believe the Mormon version of religious fairy tales, should we hold him as accountable for his racism as if he had adopted the faith at a later time? I don’t know his bio enough to say, but I’ll speculate his peculiar Mormon upbringing is responsible for his being able to rationalize the Mormon heritage of social justice was never meant to be extended outside the Mormon circle.

Generally speaking, the Mormons have shown themselves to be hideous neighbors. Historically, it’s why they ended up out in the middle of the freakin’ desert to begin with. They got chased out of nearly everywhere (see Mormon Trail) because they were easily identifiable as kooks back ‘in the good old days’.

The details of the time they spent in Missouri is particularly supportive of my position on this.

I’ll admit it was probably easier to sort out the kooks back then. Harder to distinguish nowadays, what with admitted torturers and their extended family being lauded on TV nearly every Sunday morning while the truly God-fearing people are all at church.
In public the Mormons are forced to condemn Beck.  In private, like the Jim Crow, post-civil war KKK leader/town sheriff, he’s their hero.