Everything From Nothing

I’m posting this today as a tribute to Lawrence Krauss and  Richard Dawkins.  Besides appearing together in this video, they have both been slapped around pretty hard by the American Girlyban.  So far they’ve managed to cover-up the abuse with make-up, but I don’t know how much longer that’s gonna work out.

Krauss, like Dawkins, has rankled the delicate sensibilities of the American Girlyban community.  Anti-Janist responses from the Girlyban were equally vile towards Lawrence Krauss back then, as they are against Richard Dawkins today.

Shortly after posting her blog entry railing against Krauss’s defense of his friend, Watson’s rabid supporters filled the Skepchick echo chamber, calling him a “contemptible hypocrite”, not a “true” skeptic, and even implying that Krauss himself was a “sex offender”.

Mr. Krauss’ ‘offense’?  Speaking up for an old friend who was attempting to defend himself against criminal charges.  Lawrence Krauss actually thought his friend deserved a day in court before being convicted.  That alone, was enough for the issuance of a fatwa against Mr. Krauss from the Girlyban contingent.  I’m convinced Krauss only escaped burning at the stake by the lack of Girlyban experience in chopping wood and building a fire.    Either that, or they all got distracted braiding each others hair and just lost interest.

A sense of community, and support for long established friends, is obviously a foreign concept to these girls.  I take great pleasure in knowing, that even on their otherwise carefree hair-braid nights, they’ve all got to be a little nervous turning their backs to one another.  After all, it’s unlikely that every demonically-seeded female ends up becoming an ironic victim of a lightning strike.

The ongoing and disgusting attempts by the Skepchick Feminist Gestapo, to vilify some of the greatest minds in our organization is truly craptacular.  My apologies to any offended former Gestapo.