Tater Twits


Although I never really left blogging, the distractions of the new social media have had a deleterious effect on the hardcore blogger that burns inside me.

My insistence on creating quality content (the caliber of which is all most people will ever know of me) across so many varied platforms seriously hinders my my prolificacy on WordPress. That is about to change.

The malevolent 140 character limit imposed by Twitter has left its traces. My mind is now a thesaurus of short synonyms for longer words (I abhor odd truncations and language graffiti vandals, doU?).

Distancing myself from the plethora of weak-thinking, misshapen ideas promulgated by privileged White Americans trying to enforce their views as universal, was a big benefit of leaving the US, but even that simple fact won’t fit into the confines of a 140 character tweet. On top of that, agents of the American Girlyban blockbot brigade are trying to turn Twitter into East Germany, circa 1980. Time to break free!

My brain, under constant assault by the logical fallacies coming from Atheismplus, is likely to become as malformed and molested as Rebecca Watson’s bleeding liver if I don’t disengage a bit. A guy would have to be blind to ignore the savaging effects of same on that poor dumb bastard @ELEVATORgate, or for that matter, Richard Carrier. The casualty count on both sides? Hard to say. I’ve run out of fingers and toes to keep track of them all.

Brother Zed’s traveling sideshow of gypsies, tramps, and thieves forces me to keep as tight a grip on the handrails of reality as Watson does to a double vodka martini during happy hour (4 a.m) at an Irish hotel bar. It’s pick pocketing plus. An attempt to steal your integrity while simultaneously stuffing your pockets with Atheismplus fortune cookie slogans. For the love of all that is not holy, please don’t force me to mansplain it to you! Believe me when I tell you that you’ve much better use for your time. Checking for free range buggers comes to mind.

I’m aware that some will take issue with the carnival metaphors, but they are apt. Selling painted rocks while simultaneously decrying the dangers of fake jewelry is as close to snake oil sales as modernity allows of “skeptics”. It is also an assault on American capitalism. I cannot imagine a more disgusting or surly idea being promulgated, let alone embraced, by anything resembling the skepticism my mama raised me in.

As to Watson? She doesn’t even need the big red goofy clown nose, such are the effects of her notorious imbibing (apparently even when shopping for hair dyes).

But I digress.

Having already having fully basted themselves in the delectable juices of self parody (and no @Mykeru, that is not trigger code for you to begin masturbating) there is little point in continued piling on. There are other fish to fry (Rossi Ecat cold fusion scammers, US war criminals, the prison industrial complex just off the top of my head). There are, even though I hate to be the one to have to point it out, greater threats to the skeptic movement that this motley band of a dozen skeptic apostates can muster.

You will still see me on Twitter, but mostly from auto posts connected to my vast array of other social media interactions (e.g. Yelp, FB, Instagram,YouTube, etc). As always, your comments are welcome here. I do screen for spam and asshattery, but as is apparent in the comments on my more controversial offerings, not for ignorant slanders. They NEED the exposure!

Note: If any of the bloglinks offered in my posts seem counterintuitive when clicked on, you probably missed the rollover (hover) text that accompanies most all of them.  I refer to it as hover joy.