The Forty Year Old Virginess

Christine O’Donnell, the Republican teabag candidate running for the Senate from Delaware, claims to have led a totally abstinent life.  I just realized that she’s over 40 years old and is claiming a degree of virginity that one could only assess (because she tells us so and she is so afraid of lying that she’d have outed Ann Frank to the Nazis if asked) as inhumanly bizarre.

Not only does she claim virginity, but she also claims that she doesn’t believe in masturbation as well.  In this regard she has more in common with your average Muslim male suicide bomber than any American I know.   Like a horny Muslim shepherd pondering a good sheep buggering, she must be seething with hormones that cannot be otherwise dissipated.

This type of behavior breeds an anticipatory delight for sex that is so strong, it fuels an army of young Muslim men to commit some of the most unfathomable acts of violence.  They’ll literally do anything to get a shot at some of those 72 virgins promised to martyrs.

The big difference between those sexless, single Muslims and Christine O’Donnell?  She is free to deviate from the excessive prescriptions of fundamentalist Catholicism without the fear of reprisal.  Many Muslims are not.  The enforcement division of the Catholic church has lost the ability they once wielded in earlier eras.   The average American Catholic, along with the vast majority of the population at large, refuse to inflict the type of social consequences that once helped the Church maintain social compliance at the neighborhood level.

So well and good then.  It’s a marginally free society we live in, and Ms. O’Donnell is well within her rights to practice her peculiar lifestyle as she sees fit.  Her official status as part hot chick and part American Taliban,  makes ignoring her as difficult as refraining from watching the most popular viral Youtube videos.  It’s not like it’s my dam fault I’m a sucker for a good puppy video.

The question for America that is looming larger and larger is this:  At what point in a representative democracy does the train go off the rails when the actual people doing the representation are an aberrant abstraction from the people at large?  What force of nature (the pretty as Palin factor?) causes a majority of any group to choose a leader so removed from their own personal experiences?

Which leads me to my final question.  Did they ever really get those Diebold electronic voting machine irregularities issues sorted out to the satisfaction of all?