Gaming the Gamergate GangSistas

Appended to add: I am not for harassing or raping anyone and if you’re doing that you’re no friend of mine. That said, for all the ongoing and constant rapity rape rape rape  claims and overly sensitive threat assessment tactics from the delicate flowers of gamer feminism (or atheismplus) I’ve yet to see one actual police report in support (evidence?).  If there was one police report or actual attempted rape for every 50,000 words spewed by these WATB, it would be a different story.  I’m just dam tried of their grabbing the stage and using it to promote self serving balderdash.

Yesterday I reposted a comment on my blog that I had dropped on a website trumpeting an ability to mock and track the “new” misogyny!  I used the opportunity to express my thoughts on (the ginned up) “gamer gate” controversy.  It was received with the usual (expected) mix of ad hominem malarky and knee-jerk bile.  What the replies lacked in total were any honest attempts at refuting the issues I leveled. There were plenty of feminist keyboard warriors who found the time to partake in my metaphorical stoning while simultaneously love bombing each other. This is a technique borrowed from religious cults and bolsters the mind-lock within the clammy confines of their heavily bunkered internet silos.  

It’s not like I don’t have other things to tend to, but I do find the Gamergate brouhaha to be at least as interesting a time-waster as FarmVille or Bejeweled.  It’s “CoffeeGate” all over again.  Get out the porn and potato chips.  This is going to be another doozy.

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Shaming a Weasel

When you are ashamed to voice your perverse religious beliefs in public, this is how you approach the conversation. Free for Educational Usage.

Publicity She Deserves


What the hell is going on with these people? Anybody else besides me feel like they woke up in an America recasting itself from an episode of Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth?
Screw all the recently hyped nonsense about fearing Sharia law. It’s Leviticus and Revelations you better keep your eye on.

Future news story:

The Supreme Court refused to hear the case against the Palin administration’s widely reported torturing of witches, pointing to the precedent given to previous administrations in defining other such murky terms as ‘enemy combatant’.

In other news, the search for Nancy Pelosi has thus far produced no positive leads.  She was last spotted on a Greyhound lobby surveillance video in partial disguise.  It is not known under what assumed name she is traveling, nor is her location known with the specificity of the WMD’s around Baghdad and Tikrit (and north, south, east and west of there).  Be on the lookout.  She is armed with a sharp wit and a forceful demeanor.  Avoid direct contact and get in touch with the proper Homeland Security officials immediately if you spot her.


The “Holier-Than-Thou” Warriors

The Vanity Fair article by Michael Gross keenly illuminates that the fuel powering the Sarah Palin-Glen Beck racist revivalism is Christian Reconstructionism.  Their ceaseless rhetorical fires tan the appallingly pallid faces of their predominantly white audiences as they bask in the reflected glow of the firestorms they create.

Now they think they can score another “win” on the AntiMuslim 9-11 platform (at $225 a pop), but their blind rage is too strong to contain to just one ethnicity.  They couldn’t help but take a “wild ride” back through the Jim Crow era. While on their rose colored ride along Route 66, a sheriff in Arizona yelled “Remember the Alamo”, so they’ve added a good dose of Latino/Mexican slander to their sermons.

The growing percentage of Christians in America are Latino Catholics and Blacks, demonstrably one of the most outwardly religious folks in the US.   Reconstructionists are a minor subset of Christianity if America.  There’s no argument that the White Nationalist Christian Reconstructionism portion of American Christendom is small. Any honest debate would concentrate on whether it be regarded as a sect or as a cult.  Why we should care?  These irrational and overconfident religiosocial arsonists cannot win enough support for the Presidency.  There aren’t enough of them, no matter how much Fox news tries to pretend otherwise.

We should care because they are irrational and violent.  Many of their prominent organizers have violent, criminal pasts.  They prefer anarchy over democracy and they are heavily armed, which in and of itself is fairly American, but their unquestioning belief that they are God’s warriors is real cause for concern.  There is no sin too great.  No lie too tall.  No line too far to cross that their God will not forgive them in their means-justifies-the-ends rationality.