Walmart is Evil

WalMart, notorious for its corporate stance of social conservatism, summarily sacked a cancer patient who had been “Associate of the Year” for using medical marijuana with his doctor’s recommendation – in Michigan, a state where that is perfectly legal.

You wouldn’t want the law and his history of excellent service to the company to get in the way of corporate knee-jerk totalitarianism.  It might set a bad example.


The Irony of Irrational Prohibition

Losing the ability to prosecute drug crimes because the highly trained and honorable  junkie stoner personnel at the POLICE DEPARTMENT drug testing lab are consuming the ‘evidence’.

(03-11) 19:11 PST SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco’s police chief said Thursday he hopes drug evidence testing will resume as soon as today with the help of outside agencies, even as prosecutors said that the number of cases dropped because of a cocaine-skimming scandal at the Police Department’s lab is likely to grow.