Me and Larry Flynt


Welcome to the 21st Century on Facebook, where images that weren’t even considered pornographic in the Cold War Era are now being effectively suppressed by the American Taliban.  I’m opening this up for public discussion as I ponder, at the bare minimum, the degree of incompetence of a company that has such a complete track record of nearly every aspect of my life, and yet could so easily be misled into taking what I believe many of you will agree with is a customer service social faux paux of the highest possible order.  They didn’t just ban the picture, they banned me from any posting on Facebook over an illusory violation of a breach in their “terms of service”!

For fuck’s sake they’ve never so much as lobbed a first warning at me in response to any of the umm…more colorful language I use on Facebook with enthusiastic reckless abandon.  I’d at least have a bit more sympathy for Facebook, but no more respect, if that was the issue under consideration.

Keep in mind I ignored their first warning to remove the photo after reading that if I didn’t remove it immediately it would be put under a higher level of scrutiny, which I naturally assumed would involve some actual person at Facebook Central Command laughing his ass off while deleting the “complaint” that spawned the banning.  A complaint lodged by what I suspect was some militantly pissed off rightwing goober offended by my liberal politics or lack of proper respect to the memories of their imaginary Jeebus.  

Before you take the trouble of wasting your time trying to explain to me how it’s all automated, I’m going to respond that it hardly matters to me from my perspective.  If they are willing to pass off this decision to artificial logic, they need to do a much better job of programming, and I’m willing to make an example out of myself in the greater interest of maintaining free speech on the internet.  

Facebook may well be a private company, but they are operating in the public space on infrastructure built and maintained at great taxpayer expense and have a certain responsibility in regard to that position which is totally independent from their ham-handed customer service policies.  And let’s be clear, that’s what is ultimately at stake here unless we’re willing to push back against the religious trolls intent on defining pornography down to a level where a picture of a naked Barbie doll gets you banned from all social media for life.  Slippery slope and all.Disgracebook

In any event, I think it’s highly ironic that at a time where tech, mainstream and financial news headlines are filled with stories of youth fleeing Facebook in droves, they are willing to risk offending someone of my advanced age (and online spending habits) by willy nilly banning me over the aforementioned “pornography”.

What rights of mine have been violated, if any?  Have I not been recklessly slandered by someone that Facebook could easily identify to me (under court order e.g.) so that I may seek compensation for damages in a court of law against this defamation (I’ve essentially been accused of being a public pornographer).  If there’s an eager young lawyer out there looking for a pro bono case to make a name for himself (win, lose or draw), I’m easy to get ahold of.

It’s “only” a 24 hour ban right now, and a minor perturbation in terms of access to Facebook, but  in the overall picture of which social media service I intend to give the bulk of my data (and hence their income stream), you can bet that unless I get some type of feedback from Facebook in the form of an apology (at a minimum), I’m going to be moving off their service (like so many others have lately) and will share my marketing information with a data management service that has the competency to judge my character more judicially based on the weight of a hundred thousand web postings I’ve already shared with them against the baseless complaint of one lunatic pearl-clutching prude intent upon helping them ruin their market share.  In the meantime I encourage those of you who support or sympathize with me on this issue to help spread this blogpost as far and wide as possible.  All it takes for evil to take over is the lack of action by a few good men.


The Other O.J.

Clarence Thomas, high profile Black runningback Supreme Court justice, is finding out that when you get away with a felony, it’s best not to write a book about it, it’s better if your White wife doesn’t decide to flaunt your “innocence” decades after leaving the scene of the crime.  If I were Mrs. Thomas I’d be nervous.  We’ve all seen what can happen when an angry Black man gets upset with his Anglo wife.

Thanks to the arrogant (desperate?) actions of Ginni Thomas dropping a bloody glove voicemail to Anita Hill (requesting an apology for her 1991 testimony), all eyes are on Clarence Thomas.  Back in those halcyon days of pre-911 yore, back when his Senate confirmation hung on what amounted to “he said – she said” testimony,  he was ultimately confirmed by a narrow margin (52-48).

There’s plenty of new information that Clarence Thomas lied his way onto the Supreme Court.   Specifically, that he engaged in sexual harassment of coworkers….and then lied about it under oath. An eye witness of impeccable credentials has finally broken her silence.  Seemingly unaware of the danger she faces by making her testimony public, Clarence Thomas’ old girlfriend is telling all and the glove definitely fits!.

We could use another slow motion Bronco chase amusing distraction to keep our minds occupied.  I’m not suggesting a low or high-tech lynching of Clarence Thomas, just his immediate impeachment.  I want to watch the testimony on C-SPAN during the day, and then see John Stewart rip on it later that night.  Did I mention that it’s got porno?  There’s even some pubic hair  (a retro throwback adding authenticity) involved! And tits.  Everybody loves tits.

Watching the impeachment and listening to the lurid sexual details of Clarence Thomas will be fabulous!  Titillating television.  His former girlfriend is as unashamed of her sexual exploits as she is apologetic for her extended silence.  Get her on the stand and under oath.  We’ll be whisked back to a time about halfway between today and the era of Mad Men.  A time when you could no longer drink at work, but many men still felt free to make a positive comment regarding the size and structural arrangement of a woman’s tits.  Back when sexual innuendo and double entendre weren’t yet relegated solely to sitcoms like Three’s Company.  Ah, the good old days.

Speaking of Mad Men, the season is over and we could use something like a Clarence Thomas impeachment hearing to keep our attention off war, wiki and banksters!  Tea Party candidates will finally have a legitimate reason to starch up their robes and hoods support the Constitution.  Birthers will finally get a certified American Black man citizen to slap around!!  Progressives literally loathe the guy.  I love the smell of bipartisanship in the morning.

On a practical note, there’s a lot of unemployed people and not many jobs.  It’s only fair that the government and media DO THEIR JOB and offer us this salacious sexual tale token lesson on the rule of law in our society.  If Thomas had tortured someone I could understand the necessity of protecting him at any cost, but as history has shown, if you don’t nip these lying sexual perverts in the bud, they will continue supporting Democratic candidates destroying the nation.  My message to Congress:  The pubic hair is on the rim of the Coke Can.  You know what to do with it.