Blue Food

Blue For You

Here is a little something banned in Germany because it is deadly! That just makes it all the more delicious to me! Now that I am back in the US I am busy attending to the business of retoxifying myself. The Boo-Berry? After Halloween special at around a dollar a box! It is the ease which one can eat their way to a heavily discounted death that made our country great! Did I mention how freaking delish’ this cereal actually is? Well played General Mills. Well played. Next up? Cereal with an unhealthy dose of Red #2 dye. Man it is great to be back “home” again!


Surely You Jest

The largest fish kill in living memory, including a dead whale from the Macando Well region, occurs just days after a massive tide of BP oil hits Louisiana waterways. The Dept. of Wildlife denies a connection.

In a related story I’m happy to report that BP officials have recently pinpointed the exact location of the heavily reported “missing mystery oil”.

Newty hired BP spokesman Ronald Dumsfeld issued this statement from BP headquarters earlier today:

We know where they are it is. They’re It’s in the area around Tikrit San Francisco and Baghdad New York  and east, west, south and north somewhat.

Sounds like problem solved.  No one (who watches Fox News) would have imagined it could have ended otherwise.