The Tuesday Gourmet

Today’s blog entry is sponsored by German food, specifically:


Flammkuchen is basically an extremely thin crust form of pizza that makes Pizza Hut’s thin crust variety look like a bloated reject from a Weight Watchers convention.  If you happen to be in France (where it was invented) you’ll want to order Tarte Flambee.*

*(The French variety is different than the German variation. See comment from my Euro-expert wife below)

I went to the store this morning to restock milk for my daily coffee habit requirement, and I noticed that they are now stocking pre-made (fresh, never frozen) bake and serve Flammkuchen.  For those of you (all three) that follow my Yelp feed, you may have seen my entry featuring Flammkuchen.

Focus on Flammkuchen

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I am going to pull content from the web and point you in the direction of a website that gives a comprehensive backstory on the “invention” of this culinary delight as well as directions on making it yourself from scratch, something I’ll probably never do given that I can buy them ready-to-bake for two and a half euro.

The dish is popular enough that there’s even a “how to”  at, a website that is more famous for featuring geek-oriented electronic and mechanical projects than DIY pizzas.

You get three guesses on what I’m having for lunch today but only the first one counts.