About That Mission

Enhanced Recriminations

Here is the latest in my #timremix series. H/T to Eddie Grant for the lyrical inspiration.
Copy, share or forward to every crazy uncle who forwards you a Benghazi email or mentions Obama as the cause for Ebola. Gently remind them that we will never be able to convict Obama for injecting Ebola into Texas without a proper court of justice!.  Do it for the sake of our children. There’s always a possibility that they might yet get to live in the kind of free society most of us grew up in.  Let’s all pitch in and help “enhance” their chances.

We Don’t Torture, We Enhance

Conspiracy to Commit War Crimes

The battle wasn’t over when the “Mission was Accomplished”. There is still a hugely important mission that needs to be completed. Support the troops, and the rule of law they thought they were fighting for. Purge the war prostitutes and fill those seats with citizens who represent law and order as it was constitutionally enshrined. #finishthemission


Joe Washington

Watching and documenting the liars for Jeebus crowd has my bullshit sensitivity meter locked in so tight I can smell a flea fart from forty paces, so it was nearly impossible for me to miss this more blatant bit of right wing inspired poppycock when it hit my Facebook feed:

The propensity of the Conservative party to lie about every other subject, coupled with the certainty that good old George never said anything of the sort set me to Googling. A search on that exact phrase, if it is indeed a Washington quote, should render hits from a plethora of serious presidential scholars. So, what were my results :

The quote is superimposed on one YouTube video:

It appears to be taken from a Christian Fundamentalist web page (Powered by “the Holy Spirit” the light within) posted by some guy named Joe Spenner, who apparently thinks putting quotes in the title of his web page makes his lunatic rambings attributable to Washington:

Be on guard for this kind of right wing tripe. It is pervasive and obnoxious but people are quite easily led astray by Republicans who then attribute it to the devil, or Obama.


Tea Party Billionaire Party

The “Holier-Than-Thou” Warriors

The Vanity Fair article by Michael Gross keenly illuminates that the fuel powering the Sarah Palin-Glen Beck racist revivalism is Christian Reconstructionism.  Their ceaseless rhetorical fires tan the appallingly pallid faces of their predominantly white audiences as they bask in the reflected glow of the firestorms they create.

Now they think they can score another “win” on the AntiMuslim 9-11 platform (at $225 a pop), but their blind rage is too strong to contain to just one ethnicity.  They couldn’t help but take a “wild ride” back through the Jim Crow era. While on their rose colored ride along Route 66, a sheriff in Arizona yelled “Remember the Alamo”, so they’ve added a good dose of Latino/Mexican slander to their sermons.

The growing percentage of Christians in America are Latino Catholics and Blacks, demonstrably one of the most outwardly religious folks in the US.   Reconstructionists are a minor subset of Christianity if America.  There’s no argument that the White Nationalist Christian Reconstructionism portion of American Christendom is small. Any honest debate would concentrate on whether it be regarded as a sect or as a cult.  Why we should care?  These irrational and overconfident religiosocial arsonists cannot win enough support for the Presidency.  There aren’t enough of them, no matter how much Fox news tries to pretend otherwise.

We should care because they are irrational and violent.  Many of their prominent organizers have violent, criminal pasts.  They prefer anarchy over democracy and they are heavily armed, which in and of itself is fairly American, but their unquestioning belief that they are God’s warriors is real cause for concern.  There is no sin too great.  No lie too tall.  No line too far to cross that their God will not forgive them in their means-justifies-the-ends rationality.


Disremembering 9-11

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Orwellian attempt at rewriting history. How long before Sarah Palin picks up on this meme?