E-cat Schematics Leaked to Public

Image of E-cat drawing exposing the inner workings of controversial LENR reactor. Meanwhile, Andrea Rossi threatens to sue “the snakes and puppeteers” who leaked document.

Huge and important BREAKING NEWS on the E-cat scene!  For those of you who trawl the nets, Twitter and Google, trying to keep abreast of the most important discovery of our era, this is something you won’t want to miss.

The E-cat is finally out-of-the-bag so to speak.   In the artist rendering above, the heretofore top-secret “special sauces” that power the inner workings of Rossi’s mystery E-cat are finally available for official third-party independent analysis.  Andrea Rossi won’t be happy, but with a breakthrough so extreme, normal business motivations and morality must be set aside in lieu of their relative unimportance in comparison to the benefits available to mankind.  I am not applauding the illegal release of Rossi’s top secret corporate designs, but in my heart, I am pretty sure it is what Jesus would do.

I won’t pretend to be smart enough to make heads or tails out of such sophisticated engineering drawings as those recently exposed.  That is something that only “experts” in the areas of Cold Fusion, LENR, and alien abduction research can intelligently sort out..

Given the proof of concept drawings exposed above, breathless Ecat supporters (and the shills who love them) won’t have to rely solely on manufactured interviews and rehashing last years astroturfed headlines as if they had any relevance to the things we know today.

I am offering solid evidence any of you can link back to when you need to ground your Ecat arguments on solid evidence instead of the usual astroturf Ecat shill sites and their flimsy recycled interviews.  Think of how this will free up your time.  Just link back to me and leave all those other Ecat LENR bookmarks behind.

Track ALL YOUR ECAT news right here folks.  Totally free as always, but still, think of all you’ll be saved from:

You won’t have to pretend not to notice that the “interview” you are reading is nothing but a continuation of the never ending hype that astoturfing ECAT enthusiasts and free energy market manipulators churn out like plastic golf tees.

You won’t be forced to continue to ignore that at the very basic level of real LENR science, the HONEST DEBATE is whether these mystery reactions produce more heat than a flea fart, and not about hyped (2012) production of giant flea fart heat acquisition and dispersion units.

You will not be forced to engage in NOT speculating on the many apparent contradictions and exposed lies coming out of the Rossi, Defkalion based propaganda machine.

You will not be banned for identifying “bullshit” based solely on smell, texture and look, even if you haven’t actually confirmed your suspicions by tasting it.


Killing The E-Cat

Another day in the never-ending E-cat charade. Since my last post, Defkalion is asserted (by the same set of shady sources) to have “tested” their “new and improved” E-cat. One is left to speculate on the ease of improving upon a fantasy device, but let’s play along anyway.

The obvious question is, “How did the tests go?”. According to (always unverifiable-duh) reports, the Defkalion tests were SAFETY tests and not meant to prove/test output power or efficiency. I am quite sure the big pile of junk they are trying to pass off as a fusion device is safe unless it falls on you (or you stub your toe on the unit by accident). So from where I am sitting, it looks to be just another in the long line of ECat stalling techniques, sure to keep the hopeless rubes excited but never really addressing whether the fantasy device actually functions.

Hold the presses. Looks like the initial reports on tests for safety are now being rewritten (because how do you test the safety of a non functional product!?). Here is the bit of PR fluff designed to patch over the earlier safety announcement test:

Mr. Lewan is reporting the test was conducted on February 24th and that it was not focused on safety because the product is not ready yet for such tests.

I love this next bit of misdirection:

To complicate things, the tests are being performed on bare reactors without cooling – the same reactors that are part of the Defkalion heating product called Hyperion.

“To complicate things…”, as if that wasn’t part of the entire E-cat ruse…LOL. I have to admit it is hard to add sarcasm to such blatant bogusness, specially the part about running the “reactor” without coolant. I guess this was the China Syndrome simulation? So we are left with news of an E-cat test that measured absolutely NOTHING. That is a smashing success in the world of ECat circle jerkers.

To engender even more respectability (not) into the mix, Defkalion has reportedly shut down their company blog forum. Of course it is too much trouble managing a (scam) forum when you have the real work of fooling people to contend with. To add even more “respectability” to the effort, Defkalion tosses in “throw away” info on the ever-present (and always mute) mysterious government officials on hand to witness their “tests”.

As to my poll on why the tests would fail? I didn’t see the “safety test” misdirection coming, but isn’t it telling that we’re suppose to worry about the safety of a device that hasn’t yet even been shown to function?! I expect the next “test” will be on the durability of the E-cat (the paint on the exterior of the unit but not the unit itself). Anything to keep from having to prove the dam thing actually works.

For grins and chuckles, I offer the following “news” taken from the myriad E-cat blogs. Suffice to say that the comments section of many of these latter day MySpace Ecat blogs is even more incredulous:

The Greek government has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the test, but it is most probably informed. (my emphasis)

No specific details or results have been released. For the Greek government’s position they neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the test, but it most probably took place. (my emphasis)


Hot Air vrs. Hot Water

Some guy named Rossi claims to have a device called an E-cat that mysteriously produces nearly free hot water through a process that is not thoroughly described.  His public tests of the device are riddled with experimental oversights/errors/manipulations that we’ve all come to expect from these ongoing free energy enthusiasts.  In spite of (or in place of?) an actual working commercial prototype, Rossi has been making near daily pronouncements concerning the production arrangements he’s making for the delivery of ONE MILLION E-cats.  In lieu of a proper scientific demo, Rossi and his supporters conveniently offer that a ‘mystery customer’ is in possession of a working unit.  Suffice it to say that there is equal uncertainty in the grandiosity of the business claims made by Mr. Rossi as well.  Here’s a link to a website that reprints Rossi stuff regularly.  The comments section is really a wonder to behold.

There is a GUESS THE MYSTERY CLIENT link at the aforementioned website where I offered the following guess:


First rule of mystery customer e-cat fantasy fight club is that we get to make up the rules as we go along. That’s mostly a tribute to THE MAN (Rossi) because that is his modus operandi as well. Rule number two: See number one.

Hmm. Which imaginary mystery customer can I come up with that will top the list of witty and humorous offerings already offered for….err….analysis? It’ll be hard to limit myself to JUST one as I find ridiculing LENR hyperbole is at least as delicious as a Lays potato chip.

Today however, I offer the definitive SINGLE answer (in lieu of a bunch of fantasyland bullcrap – I think we’ve all had as much of that as we can take in a lifetime), as free of satire and irony as any post you have ever seen me posit.

I fully expect that once I expose this information (which I have no real excuse for having), it will (in lieu of definitively knowing the actual ‘mystery’ customer…lol) become the defacto solution. I expect it to be cut and pasted widely around the net. I await the applause of the cheering masses with the enthusiasm Rossi displays when responding to questions on his blog. Questions that are obviously emanating from couch-bound cheeto munching 40-year-old guys typing furiously on their laptops from the basement of their parents home as they breathlessly share their latest insights into the musings of theoretical physics. Who knew there was so much collective wisdom in folks just a couple credits shy of their associates degree at the local community college??….But I digress.

You’re ALL probably wondering why I am wasting all this time withholding this explosive and mind-blowing news, but in tribute to Rossi’s cut and pasting of all those meeleon preorders out of his email and blog comments section into his Franklin Day planner, I felt it behooved me to show a similar.. restraint .. in my own declarative process. The backstory to the business aspects of the E-cat, like sex (and an actual workings E-cat), are best served up slowly and with the lights dim enough to hide the warts and wrinkles.

All public demonstrations of the E-cat device are to be accompanied by supporting documentation that is as free of conclusive facts as 1970′s porn is free of focus and that’s not an easy task indeed. I have chosen to breach this barrier and tally no more!!!! To wit:


Radio Shack, doing business under the acquired business name of Tandy Leather (it’s got an N in it somewhere and it’s in Texas!). which they bought up innocently enough in 1963. But the thing to remember is that N is really CODE for R (Radio Shack) and meant as a diversion to keep the curious distracted. Radio Shack is a huge electronics giant in the US. Their research department spotted something a lot of people are just NOW starting to figure out. They actually chose to use N as the diversionary letter because it’s four spaces earlier in the alphabet than R (Radio Shack) and those four spaces are reported by insiders at Radio Shack HQ as a metaphor of the four space truncation we around here refer to as LENR!!

Midway thru 2000, upon taking notice of the advancements in CF post Pons-Fleishman, Radio Shack obviously came up with a daring strategy. If not for the scrutiny of being at the center of the most historic energy shift in history, it might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Just read the first paragraph under the Wikipedia page for Radio Shack! I don’t make the news people, I just report it. Look it up:


What the hell you say there Tim? Well, hear me out. Rossi is from the Italian side of the Martini & Rossi wine family. It’s common knowledge that Italians favor fine leather almost as much as fine wine. Processing hardened leather involves a step where boiling water is involved (http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/leather/hl.html) giving Tandy a plausible excuse for approaching Rossi as a trusted customer in the first place. Radio Shack was smart to formally extinguish the Tandy brand name over ten years ago when they first envisioned this scenario—making it much more difficult for Rossi to make the Radio Shack – Tandy connection!!

Radio ShackTandy approaches Rossi to buy a unit for ‘hardening leather”. Rossi, feeling an affinity for an industry that is well established in his mother country decides that Tandy would make an excellent test customer. Rossi is however, totally unaware that Radio Shack actually owns Tandy Leather and is really gunning on getting it’s top people (kids 8-14 Some soldering required) involved in reverse engineering the e-cat Rossi sold to Tandy Leather. It’s pretty obvious if you don’t think about it.

Radio Shack will be selling cloned E-cats under the Optimus label before Christmas next year. You will be pointing this post out to your progeny for generations as the revelatory equivalent of Jesus on a piece of toast. Yes indeed. That’s just how important this bit of news really is.