The president of America is coming from Israel to speak before a joint session of Congress just as soon as he gets done slapping around the Palestinians.


No trains full of crude oil or plutonium derailed and exploded this week.


The last play in the Super Bowl still lingers in my mind like a bad bowl of dinner chili burped up at breakfast the following day.


The cops in Los Angeles are bringing civility back to law enforcement by gunning down homeless people on the street in broad daylight with cameras rolling.


Sooner than later we’ll see what an iWatch actually looks like and it’ll bring a crashing halt to the ‘iWatch’ rumor industry.  Expect iWatch rumor industry stocks to take a deep fall.


Just when you think the Republicans can’t get any more ignorant than the previous week along comes a rising imbecile to compare union workers to ISIS.  It boggles the mind.




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Marginalizing Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf Insane or Prescient?

Insane or Insanely Prescient?

Naomi Wolf has the talking heads all atwitter at her suggestion that the televised ISS beheadings are nothing more than agitprop by the powers that be to fool a gullible US public into continuing the mideast folly Bush began.  I’m not sure she’s even serious in the charge so much as she’s pointing out there’s not been any real journalistic honesty on all matters pertaining to the situation in Iraq stretching back to the era of Bush’s propaganda machine and their fake WMD causus belli.

That charge is too difficult to refute and embarrassing for those who acted as cheerleaders for the disaster and it’s inconvenient for them to consider.  The guys and gals acting as puppets on behalf of the oligarchs are paid those huge salaries for their pretty hair and white teeth, not their mental acumen or journalist ability or integrity. Their bosses have no intention of spending money getting the “inside scoop” on anything other than Miley Cyrus’ cooch.

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