Hashing it Out

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I’ve been playing with hashtags since at least 2012, when I first blogged about the subject and shared some of my favorite personal hashtags.  I don’t think Twitter nvented the hashtag, but starting in 2009, they certainly fostered the trend.  In any case, both the inventor and the popularizers have my thanks and praise.

Hashtags are really coming into their own with journalists and social justice warriors worldwide.  They’re helpful as advertising hooks to publicize and comment on specific events, both non-profit and commercial.  There’s even a new word that’s been invented. “Hashtivism” is the noun that describes people who use hashtags in promoting their favored causes online, an activity that is now referred to as hacktivism.  Here’s a bit of my tongue-in-cheek hacktivism:

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Playing Tag

There is going to be a lot of talk about hash in this post, but before you cue up the Bob Marley playlist and pull out the hooka, or start to get yourself in a scattered, smothered, and covered mood, please note that all the “hash” involved in this post wear tags and are completely safe and legal in all jurisdictions, not to mention being totally fat free. The lowly hashtag has finally arrived. #hashtag

Hashtags Explained

Adding a # symbol before a word or phrase automatically turns it into a searchable hashtag.  It is really that simple.  #thatsimple  I try to use a unique and consistent tagging system throughout my internet wanderings.  No matter what photo service I may be using at the time, be it Instagram, Flickr, or Facebook, I always tag my photos #timages.    I sometimes use #timplates when posting food related content and #timlife for day-to-day slice of life blog posts-comments.  Combining hastag searches can refine the process even further.  Try searching #dogblogging and #timages together to return the latest pictures I have taken of my (or random) dogs.  For now, I am trying to standardize on a specific set of “#tim” related hastags; #timages, (general photos); #timplates, (food related); #timtations, (entertainment), #timtech (technology), and  #timstake for general or political opinion blogposts.  I’m starting to tag my uploaded videos #timvid.

Websites That Support Hashtags