Hot Air vrs. Hot Water

Some guy named Rossi claims to have a device called an E-cat that mysteriously produces nearly free hot water through a process that is not thoroughly described.  His public tests of the device are riddled with experimental oversights/errors/manipulations that we’ve all come to expect from these ongoing free energy enthusiasts.  In spite of (or in place of?) an actual working commercial prototype, Rossi has been making near daily pronouncements concerning the production arrangements he’s making for the delivery of ONE MILLION E-cats.  In lieu of a proper scientific demo, Rossi and his supporters conveniently offer that a ‘mystery customer’ is in possession of a working unit.  Suffice it to say that there is equal uncertainty in the grandiosity of the business claims made by Mr. Rossi as well.  Here’s a link to a website that reprints Rossi stuff regularly.  The comments section is really a wonder to behold.

There is a GUESS THE MYSTERY CLIENT link at the aforementioned website where I offered the following guess:


First rule of mystery customer e-cat fantasy fight club is that we get to make up the rules as we go along. That’s mostly a tribute to THE MAN (Rossi) because that is his modus operandi as well. Rule number two: See number one.

Hmm. Which imaginary mystery customer can I come up with that will top the list of witty and humorous offerings already offered for….err….analysis? It’ll be hard to limit myself to JUST one as I find ridiculing LENR hyperbole is at least as delicious as a Lays potato chip.

Today however, I offer the definitive SINGLE answer (in lieu of a bunch of fantasyland bullcrap – I think we’ve all had as much of that as we can take in a lifetime), as free of satire and irony as any post you have ever seen me posit.

I fully expect that once I expose this information (which I have no real excuse for having), it will (in lieu of definitively knowing the actual ‘mystery’ customer…lol) become the defacto solution. I expect it to be cut and pasted widely around the net. I await the applause of the cheering masses with the enthusiasm Rossi displays when responding to questions on his blog. Questions that are obviously emanating from couch-bound cheeto munching 40-year-old guys typing furiously on their laptops from the basement of their parents home as they breathlessly share their latest insights into the musings of theoretical physics. Who knew there was so much collective wisdom in folks just a couple credits shy of their associates degree at the local community college??….But I digress.

You’re ALL probably wondering why I am wasting all this time withholding this explosive and mind-blowing news, but in tribute to Rossi’s cut and pasting of all those meeleon preorders out of his email and blog comments section into his Franklin Day planner, I felt it behooved me to show a similar.. restraint .. in my own declarative process. The backstory to the business aspects of the E-cat, like sex (and an actual workings E-cat), are best served up slowly and with the lights dim enough to hide the warts and wrinkles.

All public demonstrations of the E-cat device are to be accompanied by supporting documentation that is as free of conclusive facts as 1970′s porn is free of focus and that’s not an easy task indeed. I have chosen to breach this barrier and tally no more!!!! To wit:


Radio Shack, doing business under the acquired business name of Tandy Leather (it’s got an N in it somewhere and it’s in Texas!). which they bought up innocently enough in 1963. But the thing to remember is that N is really CODE for R (Radio Shack) and meant as a diversion to keep the curious distracted. Radio Shack is a huge electronics giant in the US. Their research department spotted something a lot of people are just NOW starting to figure out. They actually chose to use N as the diversionary letter because it’s four spaces earlier in the alphabet than R (Radio Shack) and those four spaces are reported by insiders at Radio Shack HQ as a metaphor of the four space truncation we around here refer to as LENR!!

Midway thru 2000, upon taking notice of the advancements in CF post Pons-Fleishman, Radio Shack obviously came up with a daring strategy. If not for the scrutiny of being at the center of the most historic energy shift in history, it might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Just read the first paragraph under the Wikipedia page for Radio Shack! I don’t make the news people, I just report it. Look it up:

What the hell you say there Tim? Well, hear me out. Rossi is from the Italian side of the Martini & Rossi wine family. It’s common knowledge that Italians favor fine leather almost as much as fine wine. Processing hardened leather involves a step where boiling water is involved ( giving Tandy a plausible excuse for approaching Rossi as a trusted customer in the first place. Radio Shack was smart to formally extinguish the Tandy brand name over ten years ago when they first envisioned this scenario—making it much more difficult for Rossi to make the Radio Shack – Tandy connection!!

Radio ShackTandy approaches Rossi to buy a unit for ‘hardening leather”. Rossi, feeling an affinity for an industry that is well established in his mother country decides that Tandy would make an excellent test customer. Rossi is however, totally unaware that Radio Shack actually owns Tandy Leather and is really gunning on getting it’s top people (kids 8-14 Some soldering required) involved in reverse engineering the e-cat Rossi sold to Tandy Leather. It’s pretty obvious if you don’t think about it.

Radio Shack will be selling cloned E-cats under the Optimus label before Christmas next year. You will be pointing this post out to your progeny for generations as the revelatory equivalent of Jesus on a piece of toast. Yes indeed. That’s just how important this bit of news really is.