Hitler and the Ipad

The Sad Little Ipad

An honest appraisal of the Apple Ipad from somebody who guessed the name correctly (see my previous post).

What they got right:  10 hour battery life.  Iwork software looks promising.

Dishonest criticisms: It won’t run Photoshop.  The bezel is too wide.  It costs too much.  There’s no stylus input.

Honest criticisms:  No camera.  No multitasking.  A crippled O/S tied to the App Store.  No SD card slot.  No USB port.  No support for Flash.  4:3 aspect ratio.

This is hardly the game changing piece of equipment that Steve Jobs thinks it is.  Since the prime use of this device will likely be living room surfing off home wifi, the lack of Flash support is really a deal breaker.  Not having a camera for Skype/Ichat support is so totally weak that I’m both shocked and disappointed.

I’m just not interested in the feature set of this product.  If this product had come out at $999 and included not only a camera, but also flash support and a decent O/S, it might be tempting.  Toss in an embedded pico LED projector and you’ve got something that would have set the world on fire.  I never thought I’d say this, but the Microsoft Courier tablet that I’ve seen on Youtube makes a mockery of the Ipad.

I still love my other Apple products (Itouch, mini, Imac), but I’m going to pass on the Ipad.  Perhaps Apple will surprise us with a truly useful tablet offering in the near future?