Gonzo Survivor Recap


Photo confirms that C-boy tits are as large as his ego.

WordPress ate my first draft so this is all you get. C-boy is running the show. Log Cabin Republicans (Alabama Chapter) are going wild with excitement. For the rest of us it’s just as painful as sitting on the sidelines watching the Republican primary candidates. Lot of folks comparing C-boy to Russell Hantz (has a new reality show coming soon!). Puffft! C-boy is what I imagine a gay version of Rick Santorum would be like. No, you can’t unthink that, but the sharing was cathartic for me.

New tribes. Worse balance of talent than last tribes. Not a misprint and not, (like the controversy over the utility of condoms the new IPad screen), up for discussion. C-boy found himself on the losing end of team shakeup, but looks to be so momentarily omnipotent as to invoke the aforementioned (and ill-placed) comparisons to Russell. I predict the reign of C-boy will come to an end soon enough, but I hope we get a couple nights rain on his new shelter first. If I had the means I swear I’d be seeding the clouds every evening.

Besides, you can never have too much rain for the free range chickens that grow in the jungle. These chickens, like the DoDo birds of yore, lack a true fear of man. They also seem strangely attracted to the smell of hungry humans if you want my honest opinion. They might have to evolve to the point where they throw themselves into the pot (after starting the fire) if the next group of Survivors is any dumber than these. Next season the producers ought to just go for a tried and true KFC bucket feast if they are trying to aid in the subsistence of the competitors.

I hope I haven’t let too many of the minor details of this week’s episode overwhelm the reader!