PZ and the Pope


Good morning all!  As the American Girlyban continue to go all-in on feigned outrage, it looks like a lot of the rest of the world of skepticism is starting the push-back in a way that should have happened back in the good old days of Elevatorgate.  I forgive those who have finally (unavoidably) tuned into the Skepchick scam.  There are many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is still the same.

Much has been written and said about the motives of Skepchick and the American Girlyban movement, but one rather under-examined aspect is the ongoing die hard support of such a skeptical stalwart as PZ Myers.  PZ loves him some Skepchick, and there is no rational basis I can see for his unabashed support of such blatant poppycock.  I find it weird that a guy who ostensibly has the cojones to figuratively spit in the face of the Pope (Crackergate) is so uncritically supportive of Skepchick and her ilk spreading FUD around the skeptic-atheist movement.  This curiosity has fueled my speculative juices on the nature of his motivations.

I am beginning to lean toward a belief that PZ knows more about this underground network of accused (but unidentified) group of male gropers than he has let on.  I am certainly not accusing him of engaging in the abuse, but he seems so CERTAIN of it, it makes me think he must have first hand experience of a sort that most conference attendees never see.  If that is the case, then he is negligent for not mentioning it before.  For ignoring obvious sexism as it happened under his nose.  I don’t think anybody is actually accusing the Pope of perpetrating the sexual abuse that the cardinals and bishops engaged in, but he is certainly catching a lot of flak for failing to stop what he had to know was going on (records exist showing this to be the case).

Are we witnessing the equivalent example of this phenom in our very own midst?  Does PZ have information he has been suppressing in hopes that the issue would go away?  Is he now then forced into supporting the Girlyban because he knows the Girlyban charges are true and he would show extreme negligence for not having come forward on their behalf much earlier?  You know, just like the Pope.