Apple iPhone 6S Mini Rumors

I might even embrace a smaller form factor than my current 4S, but there are limits to how far the trend could progress.


At this point it’s only a rumor but just how sweet would it be if Apple decided to keep a four inch screen variant of their popular iPhone in circulation?  I’ve always considered my iPhone 4S to be the epitome of a well designed ergonomic expression in tech and would welcome an upgraded four inch replacement.  The fact that it might hit the market about the time I expect my aging 4S lithium battery to give up the ghost is also a serendipitous thing to behold.  Another of my special blessings.

I’m not a “big screen” hater which is why I own an iPad Mini.  I might even upgrade to a humongous iPad one of these days, but as far as something that primarily functions as a phone I’d prefer to keep the smaller form factor and I’m sure there are more than a few of my fellow iPhone lovers out there who feel the same way as I do.   It’s not like I can read any of my ‘smart’ devices without glasses anyway, so I’m tossing in my two cents for the continuation of an iPhone with a four inch screen.