Apple Oversight

I had an electronics experience yesterday that totally blew me away.  My wife bought herself a new Mac Mini and I was tasked with setting it up.  Be aware that you cannot set up a Mac Mini using APPLE’S BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD!!  You must do the initial setup with a wired USB keyboard, which you can then totally discard once the bluetooth keyboard has been synced.  I was BLOWN AWAY that Apple could overlook something so freakin’ obvious.  I have no problem with their changing connectors and having to buy adapters, but when I buy a brand new Apple PC and an Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard, I do not expect to have to return to the electronics store to purchase a USB keyboard to use ONE time.

I love the new mini, but FFS Apple, please don”t task all your creative juices towards ONE product (iPhone) at the expense of the rest.  FWIW, I bought (and still have) an earlier MacMini (solo processor, 1.5ghz).  Note that the new Mac Mini has shed the CD/DVD drive, but for some reason, the footprint on the new mini is larger than my old one.  It is slimmer by about a third (probably from losing the CD drive) but has been “squashed out” into a footprint at least 25% larger than the old one.  My question is WHY?  Every bit of electronics that goes inside this thing has been miniaturized much further than when I bought the original MacMini (like five years ago now!!)  Makes no sense to me at all that this Mini has a bigger footprint.