Spoiling For a Fight

What about jobs for all the war vets soon to be home from Afghan? The US Chamber of Commerce can’t be relying on all of them to commit suicide upon return to the US, even though I would have to admit that strategy has been alarmingly successful.

Lately, almost all the union news coming out of the USA has been pretty negative.  Union busting is at a fever pitch in the states.  The animosity of the 1% most successful Americans towards collective bargaining is even more vicious than a Mississippi Baptist’s derision of gays, and that’s saying something indeed!  

Greedy rich people The best and brightest of our citizens, haven’t flung this much totally outrageous bullshit money and power against organized labor since the days of the original robber barons.

Organized labor is almost always portrayed in media as lazy, overpaid, criminal types.  Gruff, gnarly bastards and lazy slackards.  The kind of crazy sonsabitches who demanded all kinds of luxury employment benefits, you know, like health insurance and bathroom breaks.  Jimmy Hoffa thus became the ugly face of the “working man’s friend” in anti-labor lore.

Business leaders fear that hydration during periods of difficult outdoor work could lead to lucidity in workforce that complicates their attempts at brainwashing.

If only the Catholic penchant for controlling other people’s sexuality had been as subdued by the illegal machinations of those hundreds of pedophile priests, as labor was undone by this one corrupt man, the Pope would now be forced into handing out condoms at sermons and openly embracing homosexual marriage!  The Catholics have obviously got much better control of disaster public relations than the labor movement could ever dream of.  The financial “patriots” of today have totally painted over the true American historical labor landscape more fully than the Pope has whitewashed rampant reports of boy buggery.  But I digress.

Dispatching Mr. Hoffa and successfully rewriting the collective social memories of the truly patriotic, hard working UNION men and women, wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy the never ending lust for gold of the “dressage” class.

Today’s idle rich are no longer content to give away even their table scraps.

They are always salivating, willing to go tooth-to-tooth with the hungriest hounds in the poor peoples party, for the last bit of table scraps.  American workers are now being forced into confrontations with management over the right to eat garbage:

“Let them eat cake!” was already taken.

Rejoice American Workers!!  Let us all mark this day in 2012 that union workers were able to cling to their time-honored, and hard-fought right to eat FREE garbage!!

“Listen to me Pig, you’ll get my garbage when you pry my cold dead gums off of it!”

With this latest legal episode exposed, we have absolute confirmation that the behind-the-curtains activities by the butcher barons of American capitalism are just as bad as they were in the era of Upton SinclairThe barbarism in the boardroom does not have an expiration date.

I do fear that if American labor is forced to continue fighting for and consuming pig slop that the evolutionary guardrails might get pushed in directions only imagined in the deviant minds of left leaning hippy artists;

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


Momentarily pause for maladroit misanthropes and Tea Party readers to quash the queasy feeling in their guts with a good helping of Freedom Fries.

Somebody must be held accountable for the theft decline of American standards, and since Jimmy Hoffa has all the contemporary relevance of a rotary dial telephone, and any union labor approximating the “look and feel” of the aforementioned (UAW and Teamster) variety has all been crushed and left to starve in Detroit, a new “enemy” of the people needed to be found.  The ability to manufacture new enemies out of thin air is a particular specialty of rightwing politicians and the businessmen who buy them.

Welcome to the brave new world of corporate person-hood my friends, where teachers, firemen and police are attacked as the latest miscreants to gum-up the machinations of disaster capitalists.  Yeah, that really is their lunatic fringe position and they are sticking to it.

I don’t know how I know exactly how the Rovewellian mind-crafters managed to get America so riled up about teachers, firemen and police, but it says something (not good) about the power of scientific marketing and unlimited money when you can effectively demonize a good man like Sheriff Andy Taylor while simultaneously slandering the valuable work of his girlfriend, (and school teacher) Helen Crump.

They also want to force Aunt Bee to stock shelves at the Walmart in Raleigh until she is eighty, and they’d be happy for young Opie to work chained to a production machine of one sort or another, but he is safe for now, since there are so very few machines of production currently in operation.


The Clueless Rubes Club

Mainstream media are all searching for deeper meanings the shallow waters of Facebook’s bungled IPO.

It probably needs to be pointed out by somebody that at the end of the day, all this really proves is that the so called masters of economic intellect can’t handle what ought to be a pretty rote task at this point in finance. We know they can’t handle the monster of mathematical derivatives they have unleashed. Now we know they aren’t even competent to handle a routine stock rollout.

Time for a new round of generous pre election bonuses. Too big to fail. Too big to jail.


RSVP to The New American Revolution

Sorry I can’t make it to the party. Maybe someone can save me a party favor? I will drop back into the country to pick it up after the war crimes and bank fraud trials are complete.

Buy and Burn

Buy and burn.

Where’s Mayor W. Wilson Goode when you need him?


Evidence of Bankster Evolution

Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) — “I just wrote my first reference for a gun permit,” said a friend, who told me of swearing to the good character of a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker who applied to the local police for a permit to buy a pistol. The banker had told this friend of mine that senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank.

They don’t call them the smartest guys in the room for nothing.