Raping Atheists II

The "evidence" of my crime.

It seems I finally got enough attention to make the official “fair game” list over at the internet femintology silo of PZ Myers and his singing sycophants.  Somebody over there remembers that a long time ago, in a faraway land, I used to comment on their site.  It’s actually been many years now since I was banned from PZ’s forum. I don’t know whether his recollection is tainted by time, age or syphilis, but it’s as far from reality as most everything else he posits these days.

Folks who follow me know that I end all my posts with Enjoy.  Even my Tweets.  Is “the cloud” running out of space? Who is that harming? As to the charges of nonstop spamming?


Probably the closet thing to a rape charge PZ could come up with on short noticed, since I haven’t been photographed anywhere within five hundred miles of his hoary mob in my life, nor are there any inconvenient rape threats emanating from my IP address. Not that it would stop him or the FTBullies from invoking their creative proclamations in that direction.   After all, it’s what they do for a living.  What’s missing from PZ Myers wild ass innuendo is what’s always missing.  Evidence in support of his statements.

We already know PZ defines rape as a women getting her glass refilled with wine, but now we can add to that a redefinition of “spamming” that includes adding what amounts to a twenty character signature tag to the end of two hundred word comments.  The man has no morals.

Call to Arms

I’d be quite open to Mr. Shermer’s legal defense team contacting me.  Perhaps a court order for the complete archive of all my prior activity on PZ’s blog would be helpful in documenting PZ’s ongoing pattern of dishonesty and deception toward detractors even outside the realm of rape charges.

The truth is already out there.


Shameful Non Self Promotion II

It hasn’t escaped my attention that my observations on the recently leaked video of the Atheism Plus helicopter gunship attack on Michael Shermer is as popular to my readers as it is loathed by the outlaws of Atheism Plus.

For the last couple years, I’ve documented the increasingly incestuous relationship between PZ Myer’s mix of outlaw atheism and Rebecca Watson’s Fear and Loathing brand of feminism.

Why I Don’t Matter


I’m a heteronormatively cisgendered male, giving my vast army of critics ALL the ammunition they feel is necessary to discredit me (and help keep their naked emperor from feeling the cold Minnesota draft on his aged and dangling nutsack.)

Ladies Night Out

So, enough of what I think of PZ Myers! If you haven’t figured it out by now you’re probably one of the people who gets down on their knees before bed every night praying that Sarah Palin will finally decide to run for President in 2016  (Run, Sarah, RUN!).  Let’s see what is being said (outside the echo chamber of PZ Myer’s and his baker’s dozen of hell-raising harlot apostles) by the saner female voices of skepticism:

174 Skeptic Women Speak Out

We do not find the community to be misogynist. We feel safe and welcome here.

Skeptic Women

EllenBeth Wachs

 Immediate Past President, Humanists of Florida; Founder, The Atheist Empathy Campaign

Tweet from EllenBeth Wachs

The Wooly Bumblebee

Atheist, Humanist, Activist, Writer, Wife & Mom

Tweet from Wooly BumblebeeRenee Hendricks

Web Production Manager

Tweet from Renee HendricksKarla Porter

Human capital & new media, workforce development, HR, recruiting, digital marketing

Tweet from Karla Porter

Sara Mayhew

International award-winning mangaka, writer, illustrator, TED Fellow

Tweet from Sara MayhewWith apologies to the other eleventeen hundred women of Atheism who favor fact and logic over fanaticism and pearl clutching and are not featured in this missive.

The first installment of my Shameful Non Self Promotion series.


Smack-o-Matic SuperDeluxe 9000

Visual History of AtheismPlus Weapons Evolution


On sale soon at the AtheismPlus Bookstore, located behind the homeless shelter on La Jolla Ave and 45th Street.  Be sure to avert your eyes from the direction of the shelter because miscreant public wankers are a constant threat.

For full specs, pricing and international availability, contact Dana. She’ll be happy to respond to your requests as soon as she gets done polishing it up:

I’ve not yet finished exploding. Stay tuned if you like watching Dana unleash the Smack-o-Matic SuperDeluxe 9000. I’m polishing it as we speak.

ICYMI, Dana is one of the “go to” girls at Free Thought Blogs.  In a post titled “Not an Update” (hell no I’m not linking), PZ Myers laments his fading glory and explicitly passes the torch on to a girl who, I’ll naturally presume, has perkier breasts than his.


Dear Atheism Plus

We have heard talk enough. We have listened to all the drowsy, idealess, vapid sermons that we wish to hear. We have read your blogs, and the works of your best minds. We have heard your wild claims, your solemn groans and your repetitive ad hominems. All these amount to less than nothing. We want one fact. We beg at the doors of your barricaded forums for just one little fact.

We work tirelessly, bringing together our many disparate voices to implore you for just one fact. We know all about your moldy old logic and your stale misogynist dogma.

We want a ‘this year’s fact’. We ask only one. Give us one fact for charity. Where do you store the information on all the reported rapes and assaults that you form the basis of your movement? Specifically those that have happened at atheist or skeptic events in the past five years (or forever) Call those silly rationalists crazy, but they like evidence.

Your miraculous elevator stories are too ancient. You accord the solitary witnesses with all the accolades normally reserved by the Catholic Church for a teenage girl who chats up the Virgin Mary.

The definition of “truth and veracity” in the neighborhood where you reside is wholly unknown to us. Give us a new miracle, and substantiate it by producing witnesses who still have the cheerful habit of living outside the moat of the #atheismplus castle..

We want a return to skeptic events free of the feminine winds of whine. Most of us were already aware the wine is better in first class before Becky noted it in Slate.. Nor shall you put us in the fire with the actual rapists. Do not compel us to navigate the torrid seas of your pet fears, nor to dine and drink with Rebecca Watson. We have positively lost all interest in that original little speech delivered by PZ’s donkey, a spewage so vile, Richard Dawkins grabbed a shovel.

There is also no sort of use in sending us snipe-hunting with Surly Amy, the Mother Teresa of #atheismplus. The 27.3% of me that Is female is offended that she is more concerned with the issue of fake jewelry than the more abusive societal pressures inducing many women into cosmetic surgery. Why she shows more enthusiasm in championing the issue of fake jewelry (isn’t hers “fake” by gemological standards?) above that of the trauma of needless female surgery is beyond me. Ban fake tits, not fake jewelry.

I’m not Huey Lewis. I don’t want a new drug, I want ONE police report that backs up your religious claims with more veracity than a Mormon missionary beating me over the head with Joseph Smith. At this point in time, the Scientologists have better documentation for their beliefs in Xenu than you do for violence against women at any atheist event, ever.


h/t: http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/
Original Remix courtesy: http://www.infidels.org/library/historical/robert_ingersoll/gods.html

Attack of the American Girlyban

Your burka says no, but your knees say YES YES YES! 

NOTE: I have just edited and slightly modified this earlier foundational post on the Skepchick-ElevatorGate-Dawkins et.al. brouhaha.  It was offered as pointed satirical levity in response to all the online chatter in the skeptical blog-sphere at the time.

There was no way of predicting that Rebecca Watson would…how do the kids say these days?…remix..my web parody piece into an actual work of living performance art by deciding to go full freakin’ Gal Qaeda over the course of the following year(s). Remember those early initial whines were coming from a Youtube video broadcast from the relative safety (is anywhere really “safe”?  Pearls? Clutched!) of her Girlyban Bunker.

In her latest missive, likely smuggled out of Girlyban HQ by (Richard Carrier pigeon, she bows out of attending the TAM meeting being held in the heavily occupied luxurious South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa and Debauching area, probably because it is located in the dangerous outlaw territory of Afghanistan Las Vegas.  Herein also lies the birthplace of the #gamergate female SJW phenomena.

Birth of the American Girlyban

Some of the greatest men of skepticism and science were taken completely unaware last week, when an internal coup attempt unexpectedly sprang up from within the very heart of the skeptical movement.  In a move that threatens to upend the very foundations of the skeptic/atheist movement, a dedicated group of sleeper females, though wit, great cooking, and feminine guile, gradually infiltrated the heralded halls of rational intelligentsia.  I have chosen to label them as the American Girlyban for reasons that shall become quite clear.

Entire herds of atheist males are now frozen from panic and shock.  Skeptics are increasingly becoming more skeptical.  Otheres are facing exhaustion from endlessly dodging incoming rounds from Girlyban snipers on skeptic websites.  Others suffer from the nausea of just running around in circles getting more skeptical and hysterical at the same time.  It’s a scene reminiscent of that Alien movie, right after the baby beast comes ripping out through the chest cavity of that dude on the gurney.

These crafty Girlyban infiltrators are using psychological warfare tactics on the guys.  This is so NOT COOL.  It’s OK to use a logic bomb to fry the circuits of an out-of-control sci-fi movie robot, (by putting them in an endless loop until they explode in smoke and fire-DUH).  It a violation to the spirit of camaraderie, if not the Geneva convention, to use them against your fellow travelers.   But it’s foolish to complain that terrorists don’t follow the rules, because then they wouldn’t be terrorists would they?

Many atheist men, (and some of the atheist women who love them) are concerned with the direction of the atheist movement now that the warlord Benedict PZ Arnold Myers threw his vast and powerful virtual army of support to the side of the rapidly swelling Muslima coalition.

Some of the guys sensed the early warning signs.  There were whispers of discontent early on, specially with the imposed addition of lighted make-up mirrors in the unisex bathrooms  in the Atheist Freedom Center.  It was a bad omen, but proper social decorum, then as now, seemed to require those who spoke up be labeled as misogynistic douchbags or worse, much, much worse.  Many men sighed, gave up, and  just started wearing make-up themselves.  The old adage, “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em” was adopted.

The history of guy-liner use within the rationalist community is still a touchy subject, but I’m not here to dance the Gish Gallop, so let’s get on with the ball.  It’s already too late to un-think the horror of what might happen if warlord Benedict PZ Arnold Myers were to meet an out of control Girlyban bikini-wax enthusiast.***  He’s known as a guy who’ll  kiss up to nearly anything in a (non-Catholic) skirt.

***Consider yourselves lucky Google image search returned a null result for “bearded guy gets bikini wax”  EVEN with safe search turned OFF…..nuff said.

My personal fear is that all this feminine familiarity is leading  PZ down a path of succulent female temptations ruination.  The atheist community has been longing for its own honest-to-goodness sex scandal of Haggardian proportions for quite some time now.  I know it is horrible to contemplate, but seeing how the world survived goatse boy, it might survive if pics of PZ popped up showing him wrestling nude in pudding with even the most grizzled of the Muslima coalition.

You’d think WMD’s need to actually exist to have an effect, but we all know better.  The actual existence of the zombie elevator guy, with a penchant for caffeine fueled sex romps, proves even a phantom threat can be ginned up to a full scale Girlyban cyber-battle.  Enter Richard Dawkins.

Richard Dawkins, one of the founding fathers of new atheism (“Four Horsemen“), was blindsided by a barrage of verbal shrapnel, after innocently stumbling into a well hidden landmine planted by a fully embedded American Girlyban operative.  The poor guy had no idea the “hell on Earth” he was unleashing by simply offering his reasonable, if opposing opinion, to a prominent Girlyban missive.

What Mr Dawkins, a native Brit didn’t realize, is that his contrary opinion on a subject the American Girlyban considered as long settled American atheist tribal law, was being received by the Girlyban community with the same enthusiasm the Muslim community feels toward artists of Mohammed cartoons.  I’d caution Mr. Dawkins about getting cornered late at night in a hotel elevator by any American woman with multicolor hair and a tendency to imagine sexual dragons where none exist.  My suggested solution to these fearful trembling atheist flowers to “shoot first and let God sort out the rapists from the coffee addicts” probably isn’t making the world any safer for either Mr. Dawkins or myself.  Still, I have a duty to concerned female skeptics to offer practical suggestions geared to solve the problem, whether they embrace them or not.

Muslima aka Skepchick (alias Rebecca Watson) lobbed the initial IED (irritatingly exasperating detour).  Watson appears below, in her latest posting to YouTube (from her secure, unknown bunker just slightly north, east, south and west of Baghdad – near the still hidden WMD’s).  This is a classic use of social media to bypass the “men” in charge at the top.  The irony of her having learned and copied it from a sexist man living in a cave in a Pakistan suburb, just makes the irony more profound.

And just like the Taliban, the American Girlyban are fed up with the lurid sexual nature of a depraved Western culture..  Here’s a previous example of their ‘outrage’ to the subject of blending their sexuality with their role in skepticism:

In hindsight, it’s obvious these wily operatives were just filling the atheist church pews with easy prey to make future examples out of.  Is it any wonder a mob of slobbering, World of Warcraft addicted, socially awkward basement dwellers are starting to invade their ‘space’?,  Contrary to their more recent proclamations, their history of their deceit is well documented.  Right now they’re still playing out the “Bush – “We don’t torture” phase of their disinformation campaign.  Give it a couple months and they’ll be BRAGGING about the abuse and claiming it’s a necessary tool in their war against ‘creepy elevator guys’.  Watch and see.

The American Girlyban are even more scary than their Muslim counterparts, if for no other reason than the wild mood swings.