Bullshit Mountain – Outsourcing Edition

  •  Tim Fuller I know there are hundreds of low income kids who could train to be excellent doctors if given the opportunity, and who would be willing to work for a fraction of what doctors are overcharging now. I say let the government pay to train qualified students willing to work for less and the doctor shortage you are concern trolling about would be solved in one graduation cycle. Enjoy.
  •  Tim Fuller Daddy, I don’t want to be a doctor when I grow up anymore because I can only make enough money for one vacation house and two exotic import cars. F it all Dad!! I am going to live in a VW camper down by the river. #TVRealityShowHITMAKER Enjoy.
  • Vicki Stanfield Tim, maybe if you can keep them off crack and other illegal things they are involved in. You have to have motivation and the Bill Clinton’s you speakl of don’t have what it takes. Put that in your bong and smoke it.
  • Vicki Stanfield Clinton’s kids with their pants on the ground. I’ll let you go Tim Fuller, I don’t want you to be late to your night job at MacDonalds.
  • Tim Fuller Run along Ms Vicki, if that is even your real name. I smell a communist agent provocateur among us here folks. No honest God fearing, apple pie eating, John Wayne worshiping American would misspell our nations most prominent fast food retail establishment. My second theory involves the Republicans, under Karl Rove paying a piece of that 350 million he swiped from rich ignorant trust fund bastards to third world English speaking squatters who continually post insipid rightwing astroturf. In either case, your cover is blown. Enjoy.
  • Tim Fuller One last thing there Habib…I mean Ms Vicki. “cover is blown” is an American idiom meaning that the con you are trying to perpetuate upon us has been exposed. Now run on down to the local falafel shop before all the good outside goat meat has been sold and you’re left with that crunchy crap next to the bone. Enjoy.
  • Vicki Stanfield Sorry, but I don’t patronize McDonalds like the fat liberals who have no self-control and turn around to sue them.
  • Tim Fuller You keep practicing there Habib and one day your broken English won’t be as transparently bogus as it is today. On that day you will graduate to Microsoft tech support hotline where you will pretend to be Randy from Montana. Slumlord millionaire. Enjoy.

Atheist Sects – June 2148

Girlyban Bingo

Recently updated to include information on Al Stefanelli fall from grace change of mind concerning the Girlyban contingent takeover of FTB.

Cranking out content faster than Ryan or Romney can grab your granny’s social security check is a specialty of mine. and in that regard, I have a genuine treat for you today!

The Tim Channel’s open source gaming division is proud to announce the release of Thunderf00t “Unlimited Edition” Girlyban Bingo!

If it is even half as popular as The Tim Channel optical science division release of a free downloadable Iphone Flashlight App in 2010, then the limits of the internet backbone are about to be stress tested fer reals!  The BEST part?  You don’t even have to IMAGINE “hacking” into a semi-secure private LIST-SERVE to get it!!

Select your favorite “Thunderfoot Banned” post from among the following Girlyban FTBullies bloggers (or pick one of you own special favorites!)  The posts I offer below simply save you some Google time, and offer a representative sample.:

Ed Brayton’s outrage. I never met the guy, but he shares the name of one of my favorite talking television horses. There is also the uncanny “likeness factor” which makes it an even easier meme to remember (my apologies to horses everywhere).  It would have better for Mr Ed B if he would have even pretended to speak out the same end as the Mr. Ed from TV.

That was then:

Al Stefanelli’s screed.  Again, somebody I am quite unfamiliar with, though reading his bio, it is clear that his recent foray away from skeptical writing and into the world of fiction has had consequences beyond those of his control.  Another highly plausible explanation for Big Al’s “Thunderf00t HaterAde Jam Session”  is jealousy over Thunderf00ts magnificent good looks Mr. Stefanelli definitely has a face made for radio.  Also, would somebody buy these guys a razor?  I am beginning to see a trend.

This is now:

Jen McCreight’s rant.  I was kinda aware of her existence before the formal introduction and forced insertion of  Girlyban “tech” into the Skeptic movement. One of the more prominent of the whacko Girlyban contingent, she is well received within the group, notwithstanding her total lack of facial hair (only her hairdresser knows for sure).

Zinnia Jones take on the need for “back-channel” private communications, a topic that she likely came to know through true life experiences..  Totally unknown to me before “MailingListGate”, she bills herself as the Queen of Atheism, but doesn’t say if that was before or after the sex change.  To save her needless extra grief, I will truncate her bio with the observation that mixing an interest in trans-humanism with a love for pet rats is a recipe for disaster.  In a recent issue of Law Enforcement Daily, this profile photo of her was voted “most likely to be confused as a mug shot”.  You may find her “The assumed primacy of penis-in-vagina sex” on Youtube explains more than you want to know.  “Simulacrum” makes a cameo appearance in there somewhere.  So much win!

Rules of the Game

Each player needs their own physical copy of the screed selected from the Thunderf00t  slam fest articles linked above.   All players use the same text and comments.  Texts can be changed between rounds.  Each player will also need an official Girlyban Bingo playing sheet – Thunderf00t edition. (click for full size version)

You may simply mark out the squares with a highlighter, or you can print out the official Girlyban Bingo Cover Buttons to use instead.  Right about now I wish I still had access to an office laminating machine that I could hack into.

Game play is based on regular bingo, but in place of bingo balls, you will be checking off bingo square words in response to seeing those words in the selected text. All players are required to start at the top of the selected FTB text, making off (on both FTB text and the official Girlyban Bingo Card, the words that match the Bingo squares. Everybody plays from the same text and marks the words on the text with a highlighter as well as the associated word on the Girlyban Bingo card.  Luck is replaced by your ability to scan the text and comments quickly.

First person to get a row, column, or horizontal line completed shouts “LOGIC” instead of Bingo.  Winners Girlyban Bingo card can be checked against the players printed text to see that they actually located all the correct winning words.  Prize for winners is up to player discretion.

The use of alcohol based intoxicants during game play is not only legal, but encouraged.  Think of it as an internal douche to help stave off the inevitable Girlyban butthurt of wading though all those FTBullie posts.


Panic in the Trenches

The pearl clutching panic among the FTB Girlyban conspirators is still going full bore.  Not since that billionaire dick (Koch) was caught giving a fiscal reach-around to those global warming deniers, have so many loud-mouthed public blowhards been so afraid of having their insider conspiracy exposed.  The degree of anticipatory fear shown by the  #FTBullies  (that Thunderf00t might actually do the kind of document dumping that makes me proud of Bradley Manning), has me wondering if Thunderf00t is actually sitting on equally explosive information.  It is just as likely that they are freaking out because they are afraid Thunderf00t will release their secret “brownie” recipes.  It would be imprudent not to speculate.

Not enough resolution to determine if jewelry passes the Surly Amy standards of acceptable public display.

For all their over-the-top brouhaha, the FTBullies are fun to watch and mock.  It isn’t everyday that you can witness intellectual or cultural evolution of this magnitude in real time!!  We were all getting totally “mocked out” on creationists and religious apologists anyway.  Even the sight of PZ dry humping Ken Ham’s fiberglass Dino-donky was starting to fade in allure.  And then there was this:

The Bukkake Factory is considering suing her for trademark violations.

You know what I’m telling you is true because back in the old days (before BigPappa fell under the spell of the red-headed hippie chick above), we used to have real cohesive internet social gatherings.

Holy Christ on a Cracker!,how I long for the good old days when a certified sacrament of questionable moral acquisition could be openly desecrated by BigPappa to the delight of all skeptics.

I blame the presence of so many jack-booted Girlyban enforcers, heavily armed with their intimidating “douche detectors”  for harshing the mellow of the entire movement.  There isn’t enough Preparation H available on the entire planet to stem the massive output of “butthurt” being spewed by the hyper-vigilant  SHE ORG division of Girlybantology Inc.

I would be too busy spending money to blog if I had the presence of mind to go bullish on hemorrhoid cushions early last year.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined having a front row seat to a New Century religious movement that blended (tiny) bits of rationalism, Scientology, secrecy, radical feminism, Fox TV “debating” techniques, Muslim fanaticism and hero worship; all in one fell swoop!  Given the breakaway faction’s science geek provenance, it isn’t specially shocking to see them borrowing freely from their more successful peers on the lunatic fringes.  I guess we should count our blessings that they haven’t yet tried to enforce a Klingon-Only language policy at Skepticon or TAM.  That could be a bit much to bear, as the guys are still getting used to the mandatory guyliner applications and hair braiding sessions.

I honestly do regret having to see many great men of skepticism and science slandered (Dawkins, TF, Krauss, Grothe, Hitchens, ElevatorGuy…) while simultaneously witnessing former giants of our movement toilet-hugging drunk on their power (PZ, Dillahunty).


Phantom Sexists of Skeptic Island

The attack on women’s rights has recently gone into overdrive. Hard won reproductive rights are under assault in the US, not to mention the indignities heaped upon women in the lesser developed parts of the globe.  I feel bad for the continuing abuses women are suffering, which is why I take offense to the ongoing feminist cry-babies, living in the relatively sheltered and pampered world of rationalism.

The actual raping and pillaging of the world’s women is hard to stomach, which is why I find it galling when women go to rationalist conventions and complain loudly afterwards how miserably sexually abused they were while attending same.  I thought the whole issue had “jumped the shark” back with the episode of “Skepchick and the Elevator Guy“, but the American Girlyban, like the people that program Survivor, figure there is at least one more season of good times to squeeze out of bikinis and beach sunsets, so here we go again.  Unlike on Survivor, the bad guy attacking the women in secularism is never identified, which makes it impossible to vote him off the island.  The women have a convenient male enemy to rally around, and the men who love them are powerless to help in the battle against the Phantom Sexists of Skeptic Island.

The latest episode in the ongoing assault on the delicate sensibilities of the American Girlyban was brought to my attention by a tweet from Matt Dillahunty:

I listen to Matt’s podcast from Austin.  He is an excellent speaker on behalf of rationalism and I recommend you take the time to check out his podcast.  Matt is sensitive to the plight of the American Girlyban, as is evidenced by his recent highlighting of this post from Stephanie Zvan, over at Freethoughtblogs.com,(which is just drawing out the thoughts made in her original post on the subject of sexist skeptic males here.)

For me to simply brush aside the criticisms of Ms. Zvan without rationally examining them would be an anathema to the movement, so here we go:

I’m on my way home from CFI’s Women in Secularism conference. (emphasis mine)

Well if that doesn’t set the stage for you, I don’t know what would suffice.  Why the need for a separate (but equal..lol) conference for women in the first place?  No matter, I wonder what happened there.  Maybe Ms. Zvan will enlighten…

I’ll be talking more about the conference over the next few days. Right now, though, I’m going to talk about something that happened almost outside the conference.

Actual conference details must take a momentary back seat for more important considerations…

Jen McCreight mentioned that, when she started speaking at conferences, multiple people contacted her behind the scenes to tell her which male speakers she should steer clear of.

This is the just the kind of juicy gossip we send our women-folk off to secular conferences for, so bring it on ladies…

I had multiple conversations over multiple tables yesterday. It turns out I have a few things to say on the topic. So did other people, and you’ll find some of what they had to say here. You won’t find their names unless they let me know they want to claim their words.

Here we go again.  I am still in mourning for the soul crushing beat-down that Skepchick laid on that poor, unidentified elevator guy.  You know the one.  He’s the cheeky bastard that supposedly offered up coffee and a wink to Ms. Skepchick at a previous rationalist convention.  I like to think of it as the “Case of the Drooling Goober”, while Skepchick leans towards more ominous overtones.  In the final analysis, it really doesn’t matter in this conversation because like the case with Ms. Zvan, the protagonists are left shrouded in mystery.  They are therefore every bit as “real” as any of the imaginary Gods these women are protesting at their conventions (That is the point after all, isn’t it?)  The girls just want you to TAKE IT ON FAITH that they are under assault.  Guys apparently can’t see the assaults because they don’t have the mystery decoder stone for reading the Golden Tablets sensitivity.  Wading deeper into the morass;

Q: Do famous atheist speakers really act like assholes to women?

A: Yes.

Q: Really?!

A: I said, “Yes.” I’ve experienced some of it, in front of witnesses. I’ve talked to other women who’ve experienced it personally. I’ve talked to conference organizers who have strategies for minimizing the damage when they have to invite one of these men to one of their conferences.

The women must be pissed as hornets that they HAVE to invite these predatory bastards into their realm.  If not for the otherwise brilliant nature and educational acumen of the speakers involved, they just would not be able to tolerate it.  Fortunately, these women have a resource at their disposal to battle the evils of this rampant, yet unidentified scourge:

Nor do you have to do this on your own. The Geek Feminism Wiki has put together an excellent sample policy you can adapt to your event and your needs.

I have had my fill of the American Girlyban using unidentified straw men to fill the role of predatory male skeptics.  They have diverted the attention of the movement away from truly IMPORTANT issues into the realm of daytime soap opera.  It would be irresponsible for me not to speculate that the reason they got ran out of the early church is that they were probably exhibiting the same behaviors back then.

Update on the early aftermath of my open observations on the continuing usurpation of the rationalist movement by the American Girlyban.  One guy tweeted me a link that I am sure he thinks will open my eyes to the plight of these helpless women.  Here’s the best part of it to save you all the anguish of wading through the pity party.  The author is an individual only identified as Jan (again on freethoughtblogs.com)

“Why don’t you just publish a list of names?” you ask. If only it were that easy.

It really is that easy, but please do go on and explain how seriously difficult the situation becomes when you have to ground it in reality.

Imagine what would happen if I published a list of names based on hearsay alone. I don’t have video evidence. I don’t even have personal experience – people now know I’m a loud mouth blogger, which makes me a terrible target.

What makes you an incredible target is not being a loud mouthed blogger.  It is public examination and ridicule of some of the great men of science and skepticism, being anonymously slandered and all suffering by association.  You have, by your own admission, NO tangible evidence.  Evidence had always been paramount to skeptics and rationalists before the infiltration of the Girlyban movement into the organization.

Even though I trust my friends to be truthful, and patterns of bad behavior make the hearsay convincing, it’s an easy target for skeptics. There’d be a flood of accusations that people are lying or oversensitive.

Which, most humorously to me, is EXACTLY the kind of “evidence” that these so-called rationalist women are going to have to debate when arguing against religious dogma.  “God must be real because me and all my friends at Jeebus University wouldn’t lie about such a thing”

Not only that, but I fear the consequences. Look at what happened to Rebecca Watson when she simply said “guys, don’t do that” about an anonymous conference attendee.

No responsible loud mouthed Girlyban blogger can write a screed this detached without naming Rebecca Watson, aka Skepchick, aka Mullah Mad Momma.  Is she still hiding out with Salmon Rushdie?  As Dr. Smith used to feign on Lost in Space…Oh the pain…Oh the pain…

So Jan fears for the consequences of making public accusations against anonymous male conference attendees SO MUCH that she just can’t resist the temptation to do THE SAME DAM THING HERSELF!!