What Friends Are For

The following is the text of an email I sent to Micaela McGuane (Twitter, Facebook public and personal, blog).  She works for MassCann (Facebook) and has some sway in regard to the speaker selection at this years Boston Freedom Rally.

Julia Rose, who runs Peter’s Page, a tribute site for Peter McWilliams asked me to send Micaela a personal endorsement on her behalf, in her attempt to secure a speaking spot at the Freedom Rally, and I thought I’d share it with the web, since I am fully supportive of the efforts of both these energetic young social activists.  I follow them both through social media and would encourage anyone who supports a change in the status quo of an intolerable, expensive and abusive American marijuana prohibition policy that’s long overdue for change.  It’s a cause I shared a common communion with Peter before he was administratively and physically strangled to death by the implementation thereof.

I’ve been requested to speak up on behalf of Julia Rose, a young lady I initially met on Facebook as a result of our mutual interest in preserving and honoring the memory of Peter McWilliams.  Peter is a man I consider one of the more eminent martyrs in the American drug war; a war that’s morphed into an assault on individual rights and basic human decency.  By now, I’m pretty sure others have emailed you on Julia’s behalf so I’ll assume you have some familiarity with the subject.

Julia noticed my New Year’s tribute to Peter, posted Jan 2010.  She sent me an invite to her newly created Facebook tribute page.  I have followed the fervor and devotion she has thrown into preserving the many causes, as well as the personal sufferings, of Peter McWilliams.    I’ve also had the pleasure of a few personal chat sessions with Julia, so I know she’s a skilled communicator.  I’ve since discovered she is also a singer and songwriter.  She’s written and recorded a tribute song to Peter McWilliams that’s received favorable reviews and airplay as well.

When Julia personally messaged me to remind me she’s got her heart set on speaking in the Boston Freedom Rally, it was an easy call for me to sit down and take the few moments necessary to offer support to a young lady who’s doing great work on behalf of the memory of Peter.  Knowing Julia, you’ll find her easy to work with as well as someone the freedom loving people of Boston would be lucky to meet.