Sunday Morning Services

I got starlight. I got sweet dreams. I got my girl. Who could ask for anything more? Continue reading

Sunday Morning Services

Atheist Church Services. Today’s topic: Who are these children who scheme and run wild and why do you tremble each time they ride by? Enjoy. Continue reading

Sunday Morning Services

We want to encourage the kind of environment where dangerous confrontations are limited to lapsed Muslims and agnostic ex-Baptists arguing over who gets the last pulled pork barbecue sandwich at the monthly pot luck socials. Continue reading

Morality Without Religion

It only takes eighteen minutes for you to educate yourself on the truth concerning the roots of human morality. You’ve no excuse to sound like William Lane Craig when discussing the human morality issue henceforth. Continue reading

What They Do

Reminds me of an era when pot was still illegal in Colorado and Justin Bieber wasn’t busy shaving the hair off his balls, his cat or his tongue. Continue reading