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The government will not be shut down long folks.  This I can assure you.  It would destroy the wealth of the rich people.  They are not used to being poor.  Even though Fox News has all the poor people cheering for a TWO MONTH shutdown, it’s not going to happen because the rich people really can’t afford it.

That is all.


Monday Mellow Out

Good morning world!  I woke up early so I won’t be late, for the opportunities and the choices I make.  Today that involves finding a gap in the drizzle and funk to sneak my dogs out for a walk and choosing whether I want coffee with four, five or six sugars.

Jane Dough (aka ‏@damagerep0rt), turned me onto a Pink Floyd album I’ve skipped over for about the last couple decades:

The Division Bell

The Division Bell

Marooned and Wearing the Inside Out have captured my attention. Marooned begins with a bit of the Meddle album’s “Echoes” vibe, something I picked up on immediately in the opening track, Cluster One.  It’s seemed as if Pink Floyd was reaching back a quarter century (time lapse between album releases)  and remixing and reworking their earlier material.  An observation, not a complaint.

Done Horsing Around


The big horse tournament (Turnier) held last weekend at the local Sportsplatz is over.

Red Ribbon

Three days of beer, bratwurst and brotchen accompanied the fancy horse jumping..

The Three B'sWe keep out retired pet horse Sonya (and her “little buddy” Johnny) adjacent to the large local Sportplatz in our private stable.

Sonya and JohnnyWe don’t ride our horses, but we’re down at the barn a couple times a day to feed and water them, which is when I “found the time” for the beer and bratwurst, as well as the pix of the event..  We added Johnny to our barnyard mix so Sonya would have some company.  I feel kinda sorry for him.  That poor bastard is the most brow beaten (ass bitten actually) little pony on the planet.  Sonya definitely keeps him in check.

Outdoor Arena

There are also three contiguous, individually fenced and illuminated soccer fields, a large dog agility training area and the associated kennel club lodge immediately adjacent to these horse facilities.  Above is a panorama pic of the outdoor competition arena I snapped between rounds.

The riding complex itself contains both inside and outdoor stables and riding arenas, with a bar and second level observation lounge that overlooks the main competition arenas. The indoor complex is that large set of buildings seen behind this outdoor warmup arena in the photo below.  I did not brave the crowd inside the arena complex, concentrating instead on the vast collection of dogs people had brought along with them to the event.

Warmup and Practice Arena


Mormon Blues 2

Reblogged because the original post it isn’t showing up when I go to the main page of my website. Enjoy.

The Tim Channel

Mormon Sadness

Dissecting the Document Dump

The other day, I retrieved and posted a PDF document so embarrasing to the Mormon Church, that the errant Mormon apologist who originally posted it on his blog, “disappeared” it from the web the day after the New York Times hyperlinked to his Mormon Stories website.

It’s a long and tedious document, and one of my lazier readers (h/t Americablog) has requested that I break it down and highlight “the good parts”, something that I had planned to do in the near future anyway. Turns out the near future is today.  I still encourage everyone to read it in it’s entirety, if only to experience first-hand, the long and tedious banality of Mormon religious sophistry and rhetorical apologetics in general.

The PDF transcribes the conversation between high ranking Swedish Mormons and a couple church “historians” (Seal Team Slicks) air-dropped into Sweden from Utah to answer…

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Thunder with Rain

Thunder and Rain