Can Math Really be Trusted?

As the creationist movement continues it’s march into public school classrooms all over the US (thanks to Texas FFS??), it behooves all parents to consider the motives and implications of those who are championing this cause.

If you are one of the eighty million Jeebus Camp supporters the answer to the question, “Can math really be trusted?” is not something you need look any further than your Bible to answer.  Why, you ask?

Without written proof from the divine, devout believers are nervous to trust even their own observation that there are an “equal” number of fingers on each of their own “two” hands.

If the Bible said otherwise, then they would assume that their personal observations were being influenced by demonic forces that (somehow) needed expunging.  The emperor runs naked in their kingdom with no fear of over exposure.  The native instincts of any youth who might see it otherwise are squelched at Jesus Camps, which seem to inflict the exact type of emotional mayhem on the participants as the Jihadi variety we are more akin to being shown on US television, though I’m sure they would argue otherwise.  But I digress.  Can we trust math?

I mostly trust math, but then I am considered mostly a godless atheist by many of my fellow countrymen.  Because I lack the necessary fervor to engage in cheer-leading for supernatural causes (or genuflecting to imagined creationist deities), my personal “faith” curries about as much favor in the US as Mitt Romney these days (or alternatively the Mormon idea that beer, coffee, Coca Cola, tea and hot chocolate are all a gateway drugs to Hell).  I love the math. It is the math that is telling me Romney and the Republicans are going to be tossed on their butts in spectacular fashion come Nov 7. #cleansweep

To the minor extent that I don’t trust mathematics, I blame Richard Feynman. I doubt he is very well known in Christian Fundamentalist groups because of his personal views on God.

I decided to check into the issue of how the evangelical fundamentalists in the US feel about math, since it is so obvious that they have total disregard for many of the physical sciences that are entirely reliant on it, with evolution and evolutionary biology being a particular thorn in the side of the lunatic fringe (80 million) activist evangelicals.  Upon review, I found the Bible to be as hazy on the subject of math as it is on just above every other subject.  Questions involving Jeebus the carpenter making misstatements on math are brushed aside, explained as a consequence of his situational humanity.  Pi is three in the Bible because God was rounding to the first digit for brevity’s sake (remember, this is a guy that supposedly created everything else in just six days so he was used to taking shortcuts).

Believe me when I tell you that the “field” of Christian Apologetics is truly getting a workout these days, and the number of people “employed” in that regard is an astonishing thing to behold.  God literally has an army of people out there making apologies for all the crap he did in the Bible that no morally sound and reasonably minded imperfect human would ever imagine.  Takes a great mental leap to “faith away” the ancient slaughter of innocent women and children by the “loving” deity you propose to extoll.

For the Christian Fundamentalist, mathematics is a good thing when it is used in science to cure Grandma’s cancer.  On the other hand, they view work done in fields of math and science that undermine their belief system as an inevitable (evil) consequence of man’s sinful nature.  A desire to know too much.

Rick Santorum, one of the more virulent and high profile of their genre, and a fellow whose Christian belief system leads him to want to impose national laws forcing our wives and daughters to carry the illegitimate spawn of rapists to term, recently stated that people who “know too much” are of no value in his vision of America’s Republican future.  The problem for people like Mr. Santorum, Mr Romney, and the rest of the American Taliban that supports them, is that they have now overly expanded and demonized the group of people who “know too much” to include nearly the entirety of the US voting population.  At the end of the day, I am left to conclude that these folks definitely have more reverence for the crazy ideals they trumpet than the math of public polling that clearly shows how out of touch they are with the electorate they wish to represent.  #cleansweep.


James O’Keefe Lawsuit: Ex-ACORN Employee Can Sue Over Activist’s Sting Video, Federal Judge Says

Democrats need only incarcerate the vast legions of Republican war criminals before the November election to offset the advantages the Republicans are trying to gain through voter intimidation and poll rigging. There are at least 100 certified top level miscreants yet to feel justice for every case of certified voter fraud.

Are you aware that it got so bad that Bush authorized the torture of toddlers testicles in Iraq. He was torturing the kids in front of their parents in his Quixotic delusions over the available of WMD’s THAT DIDN’T EVEN EXIST!! John Yoo gave him the “legal” authority. It is all on tape. Cheney went on Sunday TV after they got nailed for torture and fucking BRAGGED about it!!

I will never forget what some of you pretended never to see.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Mystery Solved

Back two years (and forty million YouTube views) ago, an agitated and highly animated young man named Antoine Dodson was captured on camera making both a warning and a suggestion to America that seems serendipitously relevant to the current affairs of today.

We should all be in awe of Prophet Antoine, whose inspired verse “hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wives, and hide yo’ husbands-cause they be raping everybody up in here!” is every bit as prescient as anything dished up by Nostradamus. But what of the perp? The one identified as “raping everybody up in here”? It was Rush Limbaugh.

My theory is that Rush, unable to sway any nubile college girls into providing him a masturbatory aid in the form of a self shot porno, got sexually frustrated and tried to climb in that window at the Lincoln Park projects looking for a little brown sugar. Antoine bravely interceded.

Rush’s sexual frustrations, mixed with the thwarting of his lust (by a black guy no less) pushed him over the edge. Sure he’s always been “out there”, but even when he was gobbling hillbilly heroin like Chris Christie attacks dinner, he was never stupid enough to carry it to these extremes.

Rush is a family values kind of guy who has been married four times, rails against contraception yet has no children. That is some mighty fine rhythm my friends (more likely he’s doing it wrong).

If the vituperative consequences of pent-up sexual frustration was only a problem common to Rush, a same liberal wouldn’t have to be as nervous as a lost pup at a Vietnamese barbecue when attending CPAC events. While we may never find “patient zero” in our hunt or identify the particular strain of Puritanicalism plaguing the country, watching one of the most severely afflicted high profile zombies committing public suicide is right up there with the gore of self immolation the Buddhists are known for.

I have provided herein, the framework of a crime theory that will hopefully find the Dodson family the justice they deserve, while at the same time pointing out that the remaining “perps of the Rep party” are still running amok.
Not only are they climbing in your window. They’ve already climbed into your bank account. Last week they were trying to climb in your wife’s vagina. If that was only a slight bit of hyperbole and not a real headline you wouldn’t likely be reading this in the first place.

Hide yo’ wives, kids and husbands indeed.


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No Experts Needed

This information is old news in the world of political junkies, but since Santorum is (momentarily) the hottest notRomney on the ticket, I’ll give Santorum the fifteen minutes of attention (it won’t go past that I guarantee you) he so desperately craves.

The Santorums took their miscarried fetus home for the night to meet the rest of the family.  Exerts think this is unusual.  I wonder if ABC thought to ask the cast and crew of their newsroom what they thought about it?  I asked twenty of my non-expert friends if they had ever heard of such a bizarre thing.  These folks are, on average, about fifty years old, so between the group of twenty, there is something like a thousand years of recent American cultural history to be culled.   None could provide an example of any person they’d ever heard of doing something so bizarre.  When asked to select a single word to describe such a practice, no one said “unusual”.   Weird,  freakish and bizarre were the modifiers most prevalent in the responses.  A couple of my friends also thought it bordered on child abuse to submit his living children to such an ordeal, but Santorum is a devout Catholic so I’ll give him a pass on that.  After all, child abuse is pretty low on the radar of Catholic mortal sins which Santorum is so passionate about.

There are also screams of disgust from the usual rightwing apologists, not about the incident itself, but the sudden high profile exposure of this extremely aberrant incident.  “Why are you prying into the private affairs of family?” and “Have you no shame?” seem to be about the best that the rightwing sycophants can come up with.  Their protestations of media exposure might hold some water if the “bring dead fetus home for the night” story had been born of a late night paparazzi stalking the Santorum household instead of being included in his wife’s book:

In her book, Karen Santorum wrote about bringing the body home to their other children.

This freakish incident was something his wife thought was worth sharing to the rest of the world, so it’s hardly a reasonable argument that people shouldn’t be talking about it!  So let’s talk but let’s not judge.  Just because 99.9% of Catholics probably don’t follow the ‘bring dead baby home for the night’ sacrament doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it.  It’s not like Rick was really electable anyway, given his bronze age beliefs in so many other areas, but there is no way people are going to vote for a FREAK and whatever else you think about Rick, this incident with the dead fetus is definitely freakish.

Here’s a great example of an apologist post I ran into while researching this entry.  I still have the taste of astroturf in my mouth from reading it.

So Romney is a shoo-in unless people actually take that tired, old worn-out cliche of “Who would you like to drink a beer with? to heart.  Romney is part of a “suspect” religion that doesn’t allow drinking and Santorum is too freakishly up tight to enjoy it.  Under that scenario the nomination is either going to Ron Paul or Sarah Palin.

Seriously:  At the end of the day, Romney will get the nomination precisely because the religious extremist movement in this country isn’t strong enough to stop the corporate interests behind him.   Obama will crush Romney of course, but in the meantime it’ll be fun to watch all the religious extremists go absolutely bonkers at being shoved back into the shadows once more.  Thank goodness the religious crazies are doing the work of undermining and ridiculing themselves better than Christopher Hitchens even dreamed of.