Nothing Personal Against Chris…..

One is left to wonder what a personal attack on a college student would look like if assistant Michigan attorney general Andrew Shirvill, calling a college student (Chris Armstrong) a racist elitist liar and Satan’s representative on the student council isn’t defined as such!

Mr. Shirvill exhibits a level of disdain towards gay citizens not seen since shortly before the outing of Ted Haggard. Mr. Shirvill has picketed and videotaped Mr. Armstrong’s home. He has extended his slurs to include Chris’ parents and friends! Andrew Shirvill seems to be operating under the assumption that what he is doing on his “personal time” is of no consequence to his employment. It’s my opinion, that his hiding behind a shield of civil service protectionism will not work.

This looks like the proverbial ‘slam dunk’ in terms of Mr. Armstrong’s ability to obtain a large financial court settlement should he seek civil relief against this deranged harassment.


Deja Vu’ in Black

I can see by your eyes you must be lying.

When you think I don’t have a clue.

Baby you’re crazy,

If you think that you can fool me,

Because I’ve seen that movie too.

Elton John

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Face of Religious Bigotry

New Years Tribute to Peter McWilliams

It was reading Peter’s book, Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society, that spurred my interest in him.  I had many pleasant email exchanges with Peter before he was dogged-to-death by reactionary US drug policies.  When my kids ask me, “What did you do in the war daddy?” my support of Peter is always a source of pride for me.  By the looks of things these days, we’re winning Peter’s war (Yo Colorado, Whazzup’ California!!), but there are still many battles to go.

Peter McWilliams ultimately died of AIDS, choking on his own vomit because the US government denied his use of marijuana to treat the nausea induced by the plethora of legal medications necessary to treat his health.

Richard Cowan and many critics of the U. S. drug policies have described his death as murder by the U. S. government, insofar as they denied him the use of the medical marijuana which might have prevented his death. At least one account suggests that he choked on his own vomit because of the nausea.

Shortly after his death:

At the National Libertarian Party convention — where presidential candidate Harry Browne came out firmly for decriminalization of marijuana — Peter McWilliams became the posthumous winner of their Champion of Liberty Award. Peter will be missed. He was the victim of a political assassination, but his inspiring legacy continues to live on.

Here is Peter speaking at the Libertarian Party convention in 1998:

As always:


Pissing Off the Fundamentalists

….all the key characters in this delightful upending of the St. Nick myth, including Santa’s toy-making lover, Santa’s beard (Mrs. Claus), the Anti-gay crusader who tries to ban Santa Claus, and the little gay boy whose heartfelt letter stirs Claus’s conscience and changes Christmas forever.

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