Gasbaggers of The American Girlyban

Another icon of the skeptic movement has voiced his concerns about the negative influence the American Girlyban’s bogus feminist media-whoring is having on the skeptic mission. Commenters on FTB are now blocked and screened with the fervor of creationist AstroTurf … Continue reading

Attack of the American Girlyban

The history of guy-liner use within the rationalist community is water under the bridge now. It’s already too late to un-think the horror of what might happen if PZ Myers were to meet an out of control Girlyban bikini-wax enthusiast. Continue reading

Girlyban Scrapbook

I started an American Girlyban Scrapbook over on Pinterest.  Pretty sure that the Pinterest bug bit me as a result of my being 32.4% gay, but you deal with the hand providence dealt and make the best you can of … Continue reading

Gaming the Gamergate GangSistas

Appended to add: I am not for harassing or raping anyone and if you’re doing that you’re no friend of mine. That said, for all the ongoing and constant rapity rape rape rape  claims and overly sensitive threat assessment tactics from … Continue reading