Clearing the Air

Now that HBO has exposed Scientology so thoroughly, the world can see first-hand the evils that religious tax exemptions offer religious scammers. The quick and easy solution is for the IRS to remove their tax exempt status ASAP.  In order to abate the argument that Scientology will make about being ‘unfairly singled out’, let’s do the same with all the other religions as it is patently obvious many of them are meddling in secular affairs they shouldn’t be involved in.

Why should the tax payers be underwriting an assault on the freedoms we all hold dear?  Christopher Hitchens isn’t around to remind us that Religion Poisons Everything, but even without him around to remind us, it’s painfully obvious.

No more free rides for religion.  End all religious tax exemptions and let God sort ’em out. If they are truly blessed it ought not be a problem for them to survive. Enjoy.

1 thought on “Clearing the Air

  1. AMEN. I lived near Clearwater Florida, their headquarters a huge building quite a few stories tall that’s of course, tax-free. They also have a vault system there bigger and badder than Ft. Knox. My significant other at the time had to be their worker on their phones and he was amazed by the system of steel-doors that were available for the upper eschalon of that group. This is a huge cult…but which ones’ aren’t? Others are killing people. last night on the news it was casually mentioned that the two sects of the Muslim Religion have been in conflict with each other since the year 700. Of course, there are few tax-free Muslim mosques here but as for Conservative Christians….look what they are doing in Indiana politics, and in Arkansas politics. If we can’t get the whole batch to pay their way, at least we can get the ones that are on microphones calling part of the world blasphemous (I heard a minister say Christ would consider all gays to be blaspheming his faith)…..get rid of them. Hit them in the pocketbook. There are churches in this area that OWN property along the waterfront in Panama City Florida. That’s evil.

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