2015 Political Preview

What is Happening

I’m so tired of seeing all the ‘best of 2014’ crap being regurgitated through the blogosphere I decided to move things in the other direction.

Fascist Pigs

9/11 brought state sponsored terrorism to New York where it took hold.

Police Work Slowdown

You can currently see the effects of the disease in the actions of today NYPD, whose work slowdown is nothing if not a terrorist threat aimed directly at those whose taxes fund these extorters.

State sponsored terrorism isn’t only for foreign enemies to use against us.  We’ve become pretty adept at inflicting it upon ourselves!  Rudy cheers!

Capitalist Pigs

Dozens of Moms will be “accidentally” shot by their kids, though only a small percentage at WalMart by their babies, so please continue to shop with confidence.  MABB  (Mothers Against Ballistic Babies)….anyone?

Undercover Footage of Over the Counter carnage

Walmart has a very visible onsite armory complete with stores of ammunition usually located very near the hardware department! This could be handy in case of open insurrections (or Zombie Uprisings)

).Assault Rifles at Walmart

“Break Glass in Case of Emergency” is an unspoken motto among Walmart’s Sunday morning sniper rifle shoppers.

What Could and What Will Happen after the jump.

What Could Happen

The next president is going to have no choice but to move towards a restoration of international law.  We’re too internationalized these days to think we can pull off a crime as large as institutionalized torture.  That was a Bush/Cheney fantasy creation as much as the imaginary WMD’s they faked America out with.  Could 2015 be the year of the War Crimes Trials?  Don’t be silly.  That’ll eventually happen and you can see (some) of the perps starting to squirm a bit (h/t John Yoo).  I think the audio and video of the kids getting raped in front of their moms will do the trick and according to Sy Hersch, that incontrovertible evidence is soon to burst out in the public sphere.  It’s already common knowledge on the continent the crimes were committed.  

“Hearts and Minds” and little boys butts, bugger em up and slice up their nuts” was endorsed by John Yoo.

What Will Happen

We’ll have another useless round of Republican obstructionism in the form of bills designed by dummies that are totally antithetical to the needs or desires of the majority of Americans.  (There will be a lot fewer rightwing asshat obstructionists after the war crimes trials IMHO)

The upcoming election will be scripted as Hillary Clinton v Jeb Bush (Bush is a loathsome name to have to carry at this particular political juncture IMHO).  Jeb will be portrayed as “the good son” in the family, unlike his feeble-minded decider monkey brother who is now off in the shadows, finger painting and ruminating.  Being a nice guy isn’t enough if you’re singing songs of perpetual pain. Ask Mitt Romney for clarification.

Hillary (or my FANTASY candidate, Elizabeth Warren) gets the democratic nomination.  Automatic win!  Folks tend to forget that even though there’s a strong bit of racism still in America, the loathing against the Republicans these days is so strong that America chose a Black guy twice.  Republicans can only hope to win by cheating or stealing the election.  Having their Saudi buddies dumping cheap gas now and then jacking the price back up around election time is a big part of that playbook.  Don’t fall for it.  Say goodbye to all those yesterdays!


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