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On Family Matters

After a barrage of bullshit out of my nieces back in Fort Dodge yesterday, aimed directly at my supposed shortcomings, I took affirmative action to reduce the background noise.  It appears that the strategy has been successful and I may now resume my normal political, dog and life blogging.  In other words, it’s back to sex, drugs and rock n’roll, or at least as much of each as a rocker my age can muster.  Maybe my ‘family’ figured out by now that the things they think they can use to undermine my “authoritah’ and “embarrass” me are exactly those things which I have already blogged about?  I dunno? Since they complain I haven’t visited them enough over the years while totally overlooking that they have NEVER visited me it’s hard to figure. The clueless self delusion of my family is now the stuff of legend.   I’m half hoping they’ll be foolish enough to continue their idiocracy because my web stats are going through the roof!  Dawn’s mangling of English alone is comedy GOLD.

Yes certain things were shared pre Tim in America, but your dilutions in your mind make them worse than they are. I’m done doing laundry on here, I have FAMILY to attend to that’s far more important than how u feel or were treated. Enjoy the last of the money u have left, lololol  (Do you even have enough money to be able to feed and care for your recently adopted dog Molly??  Not according to your mom!  You won’t find any happiness waiting for me to go broke sweetie.  Dam, that’s gotta sting!)

I’m convinced that both my nieces only engaged in such reckless behavior to curry favor with their deluded mother since each of them is beholden to her in some form or the other.  Dawn’s focus on MY money is funny because of all the stories I heard from her mom about her lack of financial responsibility. Carla bitched and moaned like the whiny bitch she is about YOUR lack of financial responsibility when you adopted Molly!!  Ferchrissakes.  Must I continually remind you that I have not or never will ask for one thin dime from any of you, even while you are heartlessly HOPING I’ll suffer some type of financial calamity or another.  You do realize that my wife of twenty five years just died a lingering death from cancer as well? Heartless doesn’t even begin to describe your lack of human empathy. What a bunch of freaks and losers you all really are!!! I’d say I’m sorry to disappoint you by my continued success sweetheart, but the truth is that I’m really happy to disappoint all of you with with same.  Must really suck to be you at this point in time.  

On Professional Development

I would like to encourage Dawn to go back to school while she is still young enough to benefit from the education and the degree. Analysis of her writing and spelling style by any employer is going to quickly highlight the gaping holes in her educational acumen.  Let’s hope they overlook the total lack of human empathy as well. Of course I’m assuming she actually does find another job. Being unemployed right now, she’s likely being paid by the word to defame me by her mom.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  If that’s the case sweetie, defame away.  I don’t want your kids or Molly to go hungry.  You just keep that sucker of a husband on the hook until you can find the ‘right’ guy!!

I didn’t graduate college until age forty since I had to fund it and my hungry family of stepsons at the same time. Not being LINDA made it a bit tougher as well.  I was not willing to settle for a junior college degree in basket weaving like your mom.  My college degree might have been a bit more helpful earlier, but it wasn’t until about age forty when the tinge of grey in my hair afforded me the gravitas and moxie of a wizened elder that I was fully able to benefit from a business degree anyway.  I also refrained from tattoos and piercings in an industry full of tech hipsters that have embraced such self adornment with the veracity of a hungry baby clinging to it’s mother’s tit.  I did not avoid the tech itself though, and through familiarity with both the tech and the jargon came great opportunity.  Business owners feel more comfortable talking ‘tech’ with a guy their own age who can break down the lingo into digestible bits.  GenX (Y,Z??) hipsters sporting earrings which would make a Zulu Warrior green with envy make business executives nervous as a lost kitten at a Chinese barbecue.  Whocouldanode?

On Blogging

There’s a huge upside to being able to be completely open and honest on my blogposts now that I have been self employed for almost ten years. It also helps that I am now old enough I don’t give a shit and after the loss of my wife I’ve less patience than ever for folks who want to piss on my leg while telling me it’s raining.

Not that I’ve ever been known to suffer fools gladly, but these days my bullshit detector is set so high I can detect a flea fart from forty paces.  

My ability to speak as forcefully on many subjects of importance to me (and the country I love) were stifled due to the sensitive nature of job security.  For one thing I can now engage more forcefully in pot blogging than I was able to in the past.

Marijuana is now on the upswing and white dudes on skis are bonging it up so hard that Amsterdam is jealous.

Things have eased off substantially on the prosecution front for white boy pot smokers these days but really hasn’t changed one iota for the average Black dude walking down the streets of many US cities.

After all, there are prison ‘industry’ jobs that need to be filled!!   For the rest of us, the overall disgust with the marriage of the private, for-profit prison industrial complex slave factories and long term sentences for small time marijuana smokers is getting hard to stomach.   Change can’t come fast enough to suit my fancy.  Not that the anti-drug laws ever stopped me from living my life the way I wanted, but seeing the devastating effects of the drug LAWS being enforced versus the minimal ‘damage’ from the actual use of the drugs in question has hardened my resolve to fight against prohibition.  The drive-by shootings of today’s minority participants mirrors that of Al Capone, though I don’t often see the comparison being offered up anymore.  The Saint Valentines Massacre was enough of a brutality to help push the country towards re-legalizing liquor.  FWIW, cigarettes and liquor, two of the drugs which do the most ACTUAL damage in our society are quite legal.  This is because they are the drugs of choice for white people.

The drugs of choice of the minorities have always come under scrutiny and attack.  Our poets lost easy access to Kubla Khan inspiring opiates courtesy of the racial animus towards the Chinese we brought into the country to build the railroads.  We can thank the tendency for Black Jazz musicians of the early twentieth Century for the fact that weed got a bad rap.  Add to that the fact that a polluting and heavily subsidized nylon industry competed with commercial hemp as fiber and that King Cotton goes bust when folks figure out a hemp product lasts about ten times as long as cotton and you had a perfect storm to ‘finish off pot’.  Pot is back!!  Let’s get hemp back too!  My broke-ass elderly stepdad still oversees the machinery his dad used to process the hemp grown in the forties before Du Pont pushed hemp to the side!  I’m pretty sure Iowa could use some hemp jobs, if only so the myriad number of meth heads have somewhere to make a bit of money to buy more meth.


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    • Too stupid to properly conjugate and dumb enough to think I give two tugs on a dead dog’s dick about what some anonymous chicken-shit on the Internet has to say. Nuff said! #hobomessiah Enjoy.

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