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Today’s Heaping Helping of Fort Dodge Retailers – Double Dose of Delight!

An ongoing series. Part one here.

Today’s focus is on Bath and Body Works followed by a chowing down on a delicious lunch at the JA-MAR Restaurant located in the mall parking lot across the street from Ridgewood Lanes Bowling Center.

Continuing to explore the best of the Crossroads Mall

Crossroads Mall

There are more than than a few businesses in and around the area of the Crossroads Mall that are running the kind of tight ship any business would be keen to emulate.  No offense to any of the other fine cities in Iowa, but these are the businesses in the local area that folks from as far away as Mason City ought to consider visiting this Christmas season.  I have personally visited these businesses and can attest that they offer the highest degree of service and satisfaction.  If any of you take issue with any of my selections or wish to add other personal favorites, please feel free to share in the comments section of this or any subsequent post.  Today’s Best of Dodge after the jump.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works

Maybe I’m just a sucker for sparkly things but the store front seemed to beckon me to enter.

I could not resist wandering into Bath and Body Works.  Is it the 32.4% of me that’s gay which drives me to take soaking baths in lieu of the more traditional male showers or just the fact that taking baths with my wife was one of the finer joys of matrimony?  One of life’s innumerable mysteries.  If you’re looking for lotions, potions or pretty jars to spice up your bathroom shelves, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this excellent Fort Dodge retailer.

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After wandering around in the feel good, smell good, look good, do good aisles of Bath and Body Works you’re probably going to build up a considerable hunger.  Jog across the Crossroads Mall parking lot, braving whatever winter conditions await you and warm yourself up while filling your gullet with some of the best fast food in the whole of Fort Dodge at the following fine eatery:

Prepare to fill your belly with the best deep fried deliciousness in the tri-county area!

Prepare to fill your belly with the best deep fried deliciousness in the tri-county area!

With all due respect to the JA-MAR crew, I passed over their specialty chicken offerings in lieu off the daily Big Roast Beef special.  After all, I’m in Iowa and as such I’m going to defer to beef for at least a few weeks!  And what a treat the Big Roast Beef sandwich really was!!  I ordered a side of french fries which I gobbled down with the enthusiasm of a weight watchers group unleashed at an all you can eat buffet!  The staff was ultra-friendly and accommodating (I’m seeing a trend here folks!) and the free wi-fi allowed me to Instagram the succulent deliciousness to my base of loyal TimFans!  To top it off, I was encouraged to take a seat and the staff then hand delivered my meal directly to the table.  McDonalds, eat your heart out!!  There were two condiments offered (Barbecue or Horseradish).  I opted for the horseradish and was extremely pleased with that decision.

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