What’s The Matter?

How Much Does it Matter?

Society For the Preservation of Matter

It’s a rather tiny amount of ‘ordinary matter”‘ that actually consists of everything we’d normally associate with being “everything” there is in the universe. Point zero three percent to be exact.  We know absolutely nothing about the ninety six percent of “something else” which dominates our universe yet leaves no trace.

Michio Kaku readily concedes that we don’t even have a full picture of the diminutive .03% speck of matter we can detect and examine.  The knowledge we glean in the atomic world comes at a huge price and destroys the very type of matter we need to survive, the abundance of which is admitted to be in exceedingly short supply by the very people who want to go on annihilating as much of it as they can!!

Consciousness and Creation

Matter of Perspective

If our sentience actually did spring from the forces of ‘nature’ alone, it had to have evolved out of the perfect mix of these known and unknown particles interacting naturally.  Do we have a moral right to go about destroying these particles at our whim just to satisfy our own intellectual curiosity?  Do we continue trapping particles and their kin into tiny artificial orbits like penned dolphins and running them to near exhaustion before smashing them at matter, instantly frazzling them as well as potentially warping a tiny part of time-space?  It could end up being nothing less horrendous than the particle physics version of “enhanced interrogation”, only in this version we’re potentially beating ourselves about the head and shoulders and then hanging ourselves off a hook on the wall, hogtied by our own lack of foresight.

Playing the Odds

Dead Cat

It wasn’t curiosity that was set as the trigger to kill Schrodinger’s cat, it was the random nature of nuclear forces outside our collective ability to predict with certainty and those forces being used as the trigger that would ultimately release the deadly poison.

Bad Consequences

Stringing Us Along

What have we wrought upon ourselves?  It’s could be that these high energy collisions are like the military sonars in the oceans, driving the whales insane, but instead of sonar, we’re hammering out enormous electromagnetic forces and possibly messing with the very underpinnings of creation itself. The seed was definitely planted by the time the first person managed to force an electron down a wire.  We’ve been perturbing the fabric of the underbelly of the electomagnetic universe every since that day.  Faraday and Maxwell got the electromagnetic disruption train rolling along really well and then Einstein posited the formula for making extremely large perturbations thereof.  After the first large scale test of Einstein’s theory was complete on Aug 6, 1945, nobody could doubt the “success” of the differential equations involved, even with their reliance on the existence of so-called imaginary numbers applied to the equally counterintuitve properties associated with quantum mechanics.  We could still bring an electromagnetic hammer down on own own heads of sufficient intensity to turn us all into toast even if the Sun doesn’t get around to slamming us all back to particle format with an ill-timed solar flare.

Good Consequences


Maybe the ‘next’ universe can only spring out of an existing universe once intelligent minds like ours (oxymoron?) have evolved far enough to start messing with the natural order of the electro-magnetic balance? Maybe it’s like the flap of the butterfly wing that starts the proverbial tornado? Maybe we’re actually a necessary step in the evolution of the next big bang.  Maybe not. Maybe it’s all just electromagnetic farts in the intergalactic breeze.  The most disturbing thing to me is that I think about stuff like this in the first place. Not only just that, but the sneaking suspicion that some of it could be true!!   Don’t let any of this concern or frighten you. It all amounts to nothing. Nothing at all.


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