Gamer Grating

Shorter: Gamer-gate.

Below the fold is a  repost of a (attempted) comment I made to a post at a website touting the “Tracking and Mocking of the New Misogyny” in response to the backlash against the “women in gaming” coalition that seem determined to mislead a lazy and gullible US media into a distracting corner.

Meanwhile, women suffering honest-to-goodness violence and repression outside the rarified world of online gaming are the real victims.  Why are these hyper-sensitive new era flowers are so outraged about a tiny thorn in their toe while the serious violence against women is a much greater unresolved problem?  I dunno.  I guess I don’t think enough like a gamer girl to be able to figure this one out.  It looks like a whole lot of personal aggrandizement and manufactured victimhood for the most part.  Maybe I’m sensitized by the fact that it’s the same weak strategy they manufactured for use against the top men in the skeptic movement?  To wit:

In Moderation

There are always going to be idiots and haters. If I moved every time I got a threat I’d still be bouncing around like a BB in an empty paint can. I dare to say that the issues I faced were slightly more conducive to violent opposition attacks than any spat involving some slobbering goober in his mom’s basement, operating under a pseudonym, scaring Sally with stupid tweets.

Over some insipid gamer issue? Wow. Just wow. You know there are half a dozen men in my lifetime who I can name off the top of my head and who actually had views on real issues, spoke out against them publicly and got killed because of it. On real issues that instill much more of a response than some coward pseudonymous Twitterer blasting out a vulgar missive from the bunker of his mom’s basement. Ferchrissakes. RIP Alan Berg. Peter McWilliams,

And you new-age feminists wonder why the vast majority of ‘the rest of us’ are scratching our heads, mocking you, or just laughing hysterically at the carnival show?

Tracking the New Misogyny? How about attending to the ‘old’ stuff first? I’ll be waiting for you when you put down the mouse and keyboard and log off your role as Warrior Princess Goddess of Marlarkia on WOW (or whatever polygon spewing nonsense has warped your delicate sensibilities). We’ll make a run on the Pope together. You provide cover. I’ll do the heavy lifting. Same as it ever was. I think the Saudi family is too well protected for you to free your oppressed sisters in that part of the world, but the Pope? We might be able to bum rush that old fuck.

(Because I have noted a strong feminist inability to differential humor from threat, as well as not being entirely clear on the nature of the ‘intelligence’ behind automatic threat assessment terrorist technology, let me be clear: I do not actually wish to do any physical harm to anybody, let alone the Pope.)

I already know too many feminists who can’t take a joke so I thought I’d make that clear before any misshapen girls in sun dresses start reaching for smelling salts. That’s descriptive, not disparaging. I like misshapen girls in sun dresses as much as the next guy.


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