Marginalizing Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf Insane or Prescient?

Insane or Insanely Prescient?

Naomi Wolf has the talking heads all atwitter at her suggestion that the televised ISS beheadings are nothing more than agitprop by the powers that be to fool a gullible US public into continuing the mideast folly Bush began.  I’m not sure she’s even serious in the charge so much as she’s pointing out there’s not been any real journalistic honesty on all matters pertaining to the situation in Iraq stretching back to the era of Bush’s propaganda machine and their fake WMD causus belli.

That charge is too difficult to refute and embarrassing for those who acted as cheerleaders for the disaster and it’s inconvenient for them to consider.  The guys and gals acting as puppets on behalf of the oligarchs are paid those huge salaries for their pretty hair and white teeth, not their mental acumen or journalist ability or integrity. Their bosses have no intention of spending money getting the “inside scoop” on anything other than Miley Cyrus’ cooch.

This is what passes for Western journalism these days.  It’s just so cheap and easy to just crank up a smear campaign by framing Naomi Wolf as “another lunatic conspiracy nut” as it is for them to go about deconstructing ever burp, fart or beat-down by the Palin clan. One must consider shareholder profits after (above) all.

That all this is going on in a background of an ever growing list of ‘conspiracies” (torture, metadata?) which have proven out over time seems to have escaped their investigative sensibilities, so forgive me if I’m a bit reluctant to join the Bash Naomi Wolf bandwagon.

For grins and chuckles, let’s say I concede the point that she’s a full-out nut job on the charge of staged beheadings ( and examine the real issue that I think is the reason she chose to be so hyperbolic in her recent missive.  The worthlessness of our mainstream journalists.  She’s 100 percent correct on the sad state of American reporting and journalism, the result of which has been the death or disabling of tens of thousands of American soldiers (for whose gain?), countless civilian deaths, loss of national stature on the world stage and normalization of torture practices that were prosecuted with fervor by those of my grandparents generation against more than one conquered enemy nation.  This brings us to the situation today, where we are funding a massive state apparatus of total information awareness that doesn’t seem particularly aware of anything, and public officials who lie with impunity under oath to Congress, on matters of extreme constitutional importance (James Clapper).  Poor bastards with a penchant for truth are fleeing to the safe confines and open arms of former communist countries looking for safe haven or awaiting sexual reassignment surgery at a military installation just north, south, east and slightly to the west of Leavenworth.

You know why I think  ISIS favors beheading our journalists?  I think they’re getting even for the fact that were it not for a lapdog American press corps, the place wouldn’t be a tenth of the hellhole it’s become since being ‘liberated’!   At the end of the day, it’s Saudi funding of Wahabi terrorists that’s the real problem– same as it always was.  Why do you think Bush was so keen on getting them the hell outta the country five minutes after 911?Michael Moore nailed it way back in Fahrenheit 911.  We’ve been billed for a couple trillion dollars of military might and sophisticated high-tech spying equipment, yet with all the focus on information and battlefield awareness, everyone managed to miss MASSIVE shifts in Iraqi public opinion!!  Listen to Naomi Wolf as she explains the marginalization of dissent in this speech earlier this year.  Talk about being prescient!


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