Tim’s Tiny Home Project Notes

tiny home on the lake

I’ve been bitten by the tiny Euro lifestyle here in Germany.  Having the first hand view of German’s commitment to environmental protection while maintaining industrial level Chinese production capacity is a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re buying a German produced good today there’s a huge likelihood that a significant part of the energy required to build it came from the wind or the sun!

I’ve definitely caught the ‘umwelt’ bug, which coincidentally overlaps with my tree hugging liberal proclivities.   Don’t even get me started on the ‘latte drinking’ part of the liberal equation!  There’s too many of my social media posts out there for me to deny that, but I pity the fool who thinks they’ll ever find a picture of me (or my shadow) within sight of a Volvo, or a soccer match.   I may be a caricature but I’m not a stereotype!

Soccer and Volvos

Like soccer and Volvos, If you are lucky enough to live as long as I have, you realize that there are some things even worse than death.  Losing my mate of twenty five years to cancer for starters.  Makes even the future prospect that I might be get forced into living in the ‘ultimate’ Tiny Starter Home much more pleasant by comparison.

"Starter" Tiny Home

I haven’t settled in on the perfect tiny home plan, or even exactly how ‘tiny’ I would want it to be.  The shopping cart example, although extreme, is a Hilton in comparison to a concrete porch stoop for an increasing number of people in our communities.   The only good government jobs left are Soldier Citizen and Citizen Soldier.  I’m too old to apply for either of those.  That leaves me competing in the open market against the grown children of people my age.  Those hungry little buggers will work for half as much money and live three times as long as me.  Ferchrissakes, somebody save me a shopping cart!!

Click here for part two of this continuing series.


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