Cable Management Issues

Sofa Full of Kit

The Problem

Connect an Xbox 360, an OTA HD tuner, a laptop, an HD-DVD player and an iPod Video to a high end audio surround sound system that includes multiple subwoofers and a Benq HD digital light projector.  You’ll need to be able to switch audio and high definition video sources without juggling cables.  The toughest part of the challenge is that I had to do in a way that is acceptable to my wife.

The Solution

Everything is neatly tied together.  The gaming chairs are on quick connects and can be added or removed in seconds.  I specially liked my addition of the USB led lamp, which is powered off one of the two front USB ports on the XB360.  The other USB port is assigned to a portable media drive.  There are two external subwoofer amplifiers sitting in the corner on the end table.  Not seen: a narrow subwoofer behind the couch with two 15 inch subs and a boxed set of 12 inch subs in hidden beneath a throw and acting as the end table on the other end of the couch.


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