Grocery Shopping

You can take you dog to dinner at a nice restaurant but you can't take him in the grocery store.

You can take you dog to dinner at a nice restaurant here in Germany, but you can’t take him into the grocery store.

I did my Saturday morning honey-do list today and part of it included going by the local market and picking up a few groceries.  Inspired by Jane’s Facebook post, I decided to share my shopping pics with everybody for critical analysis and derision.  All prices shown include tax, so there’s no surprise at the register.  You bring your own grocery sacks to the store or you grab an empty box from the box bin.  You have the option to purchase plastic bags at checkout (if you want to stand out like a fart in an elevator).  This is a neighborhood market, not one of the larger grocery stores in the area, so the prices are a bit higher because of that, but you can still get a feel for the local grocery economy.


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