Sunday Morning Services

I got rhythm.  I got music.  I got my girl.  Who could ask for anything more?

Prelude to Services

Accompanying the Choir: Jackie DeShannon

What The World Needs

What the World needs now.

Spiritual Family Sing Along

Special Guest singers: Little River Band

Light of Day

Lonesome nights and wasted days

Leads a man from his true ways

Yet he tells you he’s nobody’s fool

Breaking every golden rule

Inspirational Weekly Message

The Guess Who – Coming Down off the Money Bag

Coming Down Off the Money Bag

Been playin’ in a band for 99 years
Been doin’ these tunes just to please your ears
Follow the changes, there are but three
They can change, you know, any way you please
Now take this tune I’m pickin’ away
The way I pick is what I say
But every once in a while it becomes a drag
So I come down off the money bag

Weekly Sermon

The Young Turks help keep religious rightwing fundamentalists honest.

Accomplished Catholic Liar

Collection of Offerings

Fill the Basket

Musical accompaniment:  Dire Straits

Money For Nothing

Great Moments in Church History

The Age of Reason


I Got Rhythm


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