Smack-o-Matic SuperDeluxe 9000

Visual History of AtheismPlus Weapons Evolution


On sale soon at the AtheismPlus Bookstore, located behind the homeless shelter on La Jolla Ave and 45th Street.  Be sure to avert your eyes from the direction of the shelter because miscreant public wankers are a constant threat.

For full specs, pricing and international availability, contact Dana. She’ll be happy to respond to your requests as soon as she gets done polishing it up:

I’ve not yet finished exploding. Stay tuned if you like watching Dana unleash the Smack-o-Matic SuperDeluxe 9000. I’m polishing it as we speak.

ICYMI, Dana is one of the “go to” girls at Free Thought Blogs.  In a post titled “Not an Update” (hell no I’m not linking), PZ Myers laments his fading glory and explicitly passes the torch on to a girl who, I’ll naturally presume, has perkier breasts than his.


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